RideMyCraft 1.5.6

Drive your own 3d cars

  1. quequiere

    Ride My Craft
    Stop walking, Start driving.

    Special thanks to @NullBlox who made this page
    Work with: 1.8.3 & 1.8.7

    • The RideMyCraft Plugin!
    • “remember to select your spigot version!”

    • A Economy Plugin!
    • A resource pack with 3d models!
    • Link: You can use this one for test here (link in the description)

    #1: Download the Dependencies!

    #2: Drag and Drop RideMyCraft and the Dependencies needed into your plugins folder!

    #3: Now just start your server and look over the commands below to setup the rest!

    #4: Enjoy!


    #1: Create many cars with different parameters.
    “Warning: choose your blocks wisely. 3d packs can create heavy lag”
    “Stone should not be use as a model, unless your map is a Stone-less world!”
    “Using Stone would force all Stone blocks to become that 3d model causing massive lag.”
    “Try and use blocks that are not placed by the default world generation for best results!”

    #2: Choose any block to become a Car/Vehicle!
    “Your 3d resource pack creates the look of the car!”

    #3: Set the Maximum Speed for each Car/Vehicle!
    “This allows for many different style Vehicle’s!”

    #4: Set the Maximum Drive Hight for each Car/Vehicle!
    “This allows for Off-Terrain Vehicle’s, Setting hight limits means some cars can not scale Mountains!”

    #5: Set Price for each Car/Vehicle!
    “Allows for the sale of Vehicle’s!

    #6: Set if Car/Vehicle can fly and set max height!
    “This allows for Flying Types!

    #7: Set the Reverse speed of Car/Vehicle!
    “Im Backing Up!”

    #8: Set Car/Vehicle Auto Pocket’s when player Exits it!
    “Allows players to be able to exit the Vehicle leaving the Vehicle in place.”

    #9: Set Car/Vehicle Partciles!
    “Allows particle effects to be show when driving the Vehicle!”

    #10: Set Maneuverability of Car/Vehicle!
    “This affects the Car/Vehicle’s start speed and the ability to turn on itself. It is recommended to choose 15!”

    #11: GUI for Car/Vehicle!

    • /rmc createcar [nameOfCar] ==> To create car then use /rmc modify [carname]
    • /rmc buy ==> To display list of buyable car
    • /rmc car ==> To display car list that you have bought
    • /rmc setprice [carName] [Price]
    • /rmc givecar [playername] [carname]
    • /rmc modify [carname]
    • /rmc callcar <== to call car from far away. This is a beta command.

    Perm: Ridemycraft.commande.[commandName]

    example: Ridemycraft.commande.car

    • This is Alpha plugin, please make a backup before to start.
    • This plugin work only with Spigot 1.8.7/1.8.3.
    • /op can buy all created cars.
    • This plugin use PopMenuApi
    • Car can be modify by a simple Gui menu


    Language file is created, you can modify it in config folder
    Fichier francais ici


    You can use the program Cubik to create 3d models!

    Link: http://bdcraft.net/cubik
    There is a Lite & Pro Version!
    You can also use programs like Blender or C4D for the more advanced!
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Recent Updates

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