Rifle's Chairs [Abandoned] 0.1

Chairs for Minecraft but Rifle's way. You can sit on carpets and slabs too.

  1. Updated config.yml to add the ALL_FLAG for seatings

  2. 1.14 Support, Fixed issue with 1.14 blocks not being seatable.

    This update was possible with some help with i0xHeX.

    1.14.x+ blocks are now supported.

    Added ALL_CHAIRS, ALL_SLABS, ALL_CARPETS as default in the whitelist.
    These options accepts all chairs, slabs and carpets by default.
  3. Updating moved to async thread, fixed bug with seat replacement

    Updating is now an async task and shouldn't break your server if the API doesn't respond.

    Fixed an issue where players tried to replace a player when no one was sitting on the chair.

    I'm aware that 1.14 is out, there shouldn't be any big issues but if you encounter any problems, notify me.

    This plugin should be 1.14 safe
  4. Reverted GriefPrevention + PlotSquared support until further notice

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  5. HotFixed a bug where sitting on a carpet suffocates you

    A really quick update. I will be working on the seating-positions and adjusting them so that they are relative to your chair rather than the direction from which you sit from.

    If you encounter any more issues, please notify me via DM, Discord or the discussion page
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  6. Added Basic GriefPrevention + PlotSquared Support, No Armorstand Flickering!

    Hey everyone! It's been a while since I've updated the plugin.
    I wanted to include some features that have been requested recently.
    Here are the changes!

    + There should be no more armorstand flickering! Report this if issues still occur

    + You can now orient your seat and get your legs facing where you look by right-clicking your seat while sitting
    + Fixed issue with griefprevention where players can't sit in admin claims
    + Added boolean seating flag for plotsquared
    + You can now...
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  7. Updated for new world guard changes. Nickname Support. Messaging off by default

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  8. HotFix! TrapDoors now count as [signs] in which you can sit on with signs enabled.

  9. Fixed Constant Update Bug


    Sorry about that xd
  10. Hotfixed chair bug when not using new vector features for WorldEdit & WorldGuard