RiPrefix - Change prefix? Easy! 2.1.1

RiPrefix allows your players change prefixes in the chat

  1. ver. 2.1.1

    • NEW - Added new permission "" for /rips (help page) command. This permission available by default.
    • Fix - OP's players did not receive permissions for plugin without third-party plugin
    • Improve - Now help page will only display commands that the player has permission
    • Improve - Code optimization
  2. ver. 2.1.0

    • NEW - Added function to create a list of words that will be banned for use in the prefix
    • NEW - Added function to limit the number of characters in the prefix
    • Improve - Code optimization
  3. Fixed bugs and added some functions

    • Now the plugin works in conjunction with Vault, this allows support more permissions and chat plugins
    • Added command /rips clear
    • The ability to set a prefix and a suffix for user prefixes is added
    • Fixed known bugs
    Please, delete the configuration file from RiPrefix folder to update the plugin. This is not required if you are installing the plugin for the first time.
    In the next updates, these actions will not need to be performed, sorry :(
  4. Reload command and metrics

    • Added /rips reload command for reload config without server reload
    • Added bStats (Metrics)