Risecore 1.0

Core plugin for my other plugins.

  1. goflish
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    Source Code:
    goflish, Travja
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    This is a core plugin for my other plugins, however on it's own it has the following features.
    • Language file for easy translation.
    • On Join Commands: Run commands every time a player joins your server.
    • Set any block to run commands including crafting table, furnace, buttons, pressure plates, etc.
    • On First Join Commands: Run commands only the first time a player joins your server
    • On Interact: Run commands when a player interacts with a block.
    • Remove Boats: When a player gets out of their boat, you can have the boat go back into their inventory.
    • Unstuck: If a player gets stuck in your world, this command will teleport them a few blocks away at a safe location.
    • /corereload: Reloads the plugin
    • /stuck: Teleports the player a few blocks away to a safe location
    There are currently no permissions. Core reload can only be used by OP and the stuck command can be used by players. We will be adding permissions for this soon.

    Config Example
    Code (Text):
    # Commands executed for player on login. This placeholders are supported:
    # {player} - name of player
    - delay: 100
      as: CONSOLE
      cmd: give {player} cookie 1
    - delay: 100
      as: CONSOLE
      cmd: give {player} cookie 1
    - material: CRAFTING_TABLE
      type: -1
      cancelAction: true
      - delay: 0
        as: CONSOLE
        cmd: give {player} cookie 1
    - material: FURNACE
      type: -1
      cancelAction: true
      - delay: 0
        as: CONSOLE
        cmd: give {player} cookie 1
    debug: false
    removeBoatOnExit: false
    bungee: false
    bungee_id: server
      cooldown: 30
      warmup: 5

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