RobotStaff v1.0.0

The most useful plugin for bukkit. A Robot that will answer questions when no staff are online!

  1. CreeperAnatomy
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    RobotStaff is an easy to use, helpful plugin to answer players questions, even if no staff are online! If you think this plugin is just what you need, Hurry up and hit the download button, because it IS what you need. A simple plugin that will answer all of your players questions at once.
    Why Use RobotStaff?
    Sometimes your staff are all offline, and your players are dying to ask a question. Why make them wait when you can get their question answered with one easy-to-use plugin?! Well here you go, the answer to all your problems. We present to you, RobotStaff! Simple and easy to use with a fully customisable design, to add in FAQ to be answered by the Wonderful RobotStaff.
    How to install
    • Press the download button.
    • Click 'Save' and save it to wherever you desire.
    • Drag and drop the .jar into your server plugins folder.
    • Run the server.
    • Enjoy This Amazing Plugin!
    When is it coming out?
    RobotStaff is currently being discussed and development will begin as soon as our ideas are set in stone. It will be out as soon as we have created our first working prototype. I am as excited as you will be.
    Version 1.0 is out ! Basic command, Main chat functions are now underway!
    /robostaff - Main Command, giving you info
    • Add /addquestion command - Underway now!
    • Add 1.8 - 1.8.3 support