Rocket Spleef Plugin (Broken version) 1.1.1

Minecraft minigame for Spigot servers

  1. rarehuman123
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    Idea for the plugin was taken from MC Championship.

    Dont download

    Plugin creator: rarehuman123
    Current status is beta version.

    Current versions: 1.12.2

    Will be updated to a new version after 30$ of total donations :O

    Plugin Permissions (don't write text in brackets and brackets, it's a description):
    • - rocketspleef.cmd (allows to use /rs command)
    • - (allows to use /rs help)
    • - rocketspleef.join (allows to use /rs join [arena] command)
    • - rocketspleef.leave (allows to leave arena)
    • - rocketspleef.setspawn (allows to set spawn for arena)
    • - rocketspleef.stabilize (allows player to stabilize arena)
    • - rocketspleef.setlobby (allow to set waiting lobby)
    • - rocketspleef.create (allow to create arena)
    Command description:
    • /rs help : Shows help page
    • /rs join [arena name] : Join the game
    • /rs leave : Leave the game
    • /rs create [arena name] [world name] : Creates arena
    • /rs setspawn [arena name]: adds one more position to player spawns [up to 5]
    • /rs stabilize [arena name] : prepearing arena for game
    • /rs setlobby : set waiting lobby for all arenas (games)
    • /rs setoutlocation : set location for players to respawn after death or if game over
    Tutorial (replace text in brackets & brackets with text / names) (don't write text in bold brackets):

    1. First of all create an arena using command /rs create [any name] [world name] (replace [any name] with any name, replace [world name] with world you want to use for arena / game)
    2. Wait up to 30 seconds untill plugin made a copy of your world and teleport you to the world.
    3. After teleportation you need to set 5 player spawns using /rs setspawn [arena name], players will be teleported at these locations after game starts.
    4. After 5 or less spawns was set you need to write /rs stabilize [arena name], it will prepare an arena for the game.
    5. Teleport to your lobby world and write /rs setlobby to set waiting lobby for all arenas.
    6. Write /rs setoutlocation to set place of teleportation after player wins / dies.
    7. You ready! Write /rs join [arena name] and join the game, game starts after 5 players joined and stops when only 1 player left alive.

    Report any bugs or write your ideas in comment selection or message us in our discord server -> "bug-report" channel.
    Genius method!

    Discord server url:

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