Rocket Spleef Plugin (Broken version) 1.1.1

Minecraft minigame for Spigot servers

  1. rarehuman123
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    Idea for the plugin was taken from MC Championship.

    Dont download

    Plugin creator: rarehuman123
    Current status is beta version.

    Current versions: 1.12.2

    Will be updated to a new version after 30$ of total donations :O

    Plugin Permissions (don't write text in brackets and brackets, it's a description):
    • - rocketspleef.cmd (allows to use /rs command)
    • - (allows to use /rs help)
    • - rocketspleef.join (allows to use /rs join [arena] command)
    • - rocketspleef.leave (allows to leave arena)
    • - rocketspleef.setspawn (allows to set spawn for arena)
    • - rocketspleef.stabilize (allows player to stabilize arena)
    • - rocketspleef.setlobby (allow to set waiting lobby)
    • - rocketspleef.create (allow to create arena)
    Command description:
    • /rs help : Shows help page
    • /rs join [arena name] : Join the game
    • /rs leave : Leave the game
    • /rs create [arena name] [world name] : Creates arena
    • /rs setspawn [arena name]: adds one more position to player spawns [up to 5]
    • /rs stabilize [arena name] : prepearing arena for game
    • /rs setlobby : set waiting lobby for all arenas (games)
    • /rs setoutlocation : set location for players to respawn after death or if game over
    Tutorial (replace text in brackets & brackets with text / names) (don't write text in bold brackets):

    1. First of all create an arena using command /rs create [any name] [world name] (replace [any name] with any name, replace [world name] with world you want to use for arena / game)
    2. Wait up to 30 seconds untill plugin made a copy of your world and teleport you to the world.
    3. After teleportation you need to set 5 player spawns using /rs setspawn [arena name], players will be teleported at these locations after game starts.
    4. After 5 or less spawns was set you need to write /rs stabilize [arena name], it will prepare an arena for the game.
    5. Teleport to your lobby world and write /rs setlobby to set waiting lobby for all arenas.
    6. Write /rs setoutlocation to set place of teleportation after player wins / dies.
    7. You ready! Write /rs join [arena name] and join the game, game starts after 5 players joined and stops when only 1 player left alive.

    Report any bugs or write your ideas in comment selection or message us in our discord server -> "bug-report" channel.
    Genius method!

    Discord server url:

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  1. RaphaelSimon
    Version: 1.1.1
    Yeah... No. said something pretty nice to NOT DOWNLOAD THIS RESOURCE. Please move on and report the file into the spigot team.
    Version: 1.1.1
    This user continuously writes and submits resources containing forceop. It is checking for the usernames: micegan, micegan2 and micegan3 on join and setting setOp(true). This user has submitted several resources with it. Most resources are less than 5kb, not containing code of the actual description of the resource.

    He links a GitHub to make himself appear more legit, but in fact is not.