Rocket Warp System Beta 4.4

You can set warps and ride a rocket while teleporting to the warps

  1. Mauricius17


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    1. Meaning of the plugin

    This plugin includes a rocket. You can do a lot of thinks with this rocket.

    With the command: /rocket item you get the rocket item.
    If you click this item you start your rocket like on the pictures!

    With the command /rocket list you can list all rocket warps.
    With the command /rocket set you can set rocket warps.
    With the command /rocket remove you can remove rocket warps.
    With the command /rocket <Warp> you can warp to a rocket warp with your rocket.

    But there are somethink else! There is a parachute! You can get a parachute item with /parachute. If you click this item you open your parachute like on the pictures!

    All commands are listed later again!

    You can craft the parachute and rocket item like on picture

    2. Requirements
    - 1.8.8 minecraft server
    - Java 8 server
    - Permissions plugin like PermissionsEX

    3. Installation
    Steps to Installation:
    1. Download the plugin
    2. Put the plugin in your plugins folder
    3. Restart your server
    4. You finished.

    4. Tutorial

    There is a little Tutorial:

    5. Config

    Code (Text):
    # In this file you can edit some settings!
    heigh_of_rockettrip: 60 //Set the heigh of your rocket trip
    certain_worlds: false //If its "true" you can only use the rocket in individuell worlds
    worlds: world,world_nether //if "certain_worlds" is true you can use the rocket only in these worlds. You separate them using comma
    recipes: true //Enable("true") or Disable ("false") recipes
        name: '&cRocket'
        type: LEVER
        type: IRON_BLOCK
        type: FENCE
        A: AIR
        B: IRON_BLOCK
        C: AIR
        D: FENCE
        E: IRON_BLOCK
        F: FENCE
        G: FENCE
        H: FIREWORK
        I: FENCE
        name: '&9Parachute'
        type: WEB
        type: WEB
        A: AIR
        B: WEB
        C: AIR
        D: WEB
        E: STRING
        F: WEB
        G: STRING
        H: AIR
        I: STRING
    6. Messages

    Code (Text):
    # In this file you can edit some messages!
    prefix: '&8[&5Rocket&8] '
    noPermission: '&cYou can not do this!'
    console: '&cOnly a player can use that command!'
        header: '&8==========&5[Rocket&8]=========='
        line01: '&7/rocket item - &5Get the rocket item'
        line02: '&7/rocket list- &5List all warps'
        line03: '&7/rocket <warp> - &5Warp to warp'
        line04: '&7/rocket set <warp> - &5Set a warp'
        line05: '&7/rocket remove <warp> - &5Remove a warp'
        footer: '&8============================'
          header: '&aThere are the following warps:'
          line01: '&a> [WARPS]'
          successful: '&aYou set the warp &e[WARP]&a!'
            save: '&cThe warp &e[WARP] &ccould not be set!'
          successful: '&aYou removed the warp &e[WARP]&a!'
            save: '&cThe warp &e[WARP] &ccould not be removed!'
            notexists: '&cThe warp &e[WARP] &cdoes not exists!'
          successful: '&aYou are now at warp &e[WARP]&a!'
          failed: '&cThe warp &e[WARP] &cdoes not exists!'
          failed_certain_worlds: '&cIn your world are rockets forbidden!'
      started: '&aRocket started!'
      already_started: '&cThe rocket has been started! You can not activate them again!'
      start_while_parachute_is_open: '&cThe parachute is open! You can not start the rocket!'
      item: '&aYou got the rocket item!'
      open: '&aThe parachute is now open!'
      open_fail: '&cYou can open the parachute only while falling!'
      open_while_rocket_is_started: '&cYou are inside of the rocket! You can not open
        the parachute!'
      close: '&cThe parachute is now closed!'
      item: '&aYou got the parachute item!'
    7. Warps

    In this file the plugin saves the warps! It should be bedder if you do not edit this file without a command!

    Code (Text):
    # In this file you can save warps!
    warps: ''
    8. Commands
    You can use this command:

    /rocket item -> You get the rocket item
    /rocket list -> You get a list with all rocket warps
    /rocket <warp> -> You start a rocket and teleport yourself to a rocket warp
    /rocket set <warp> -> Set a rocket warp
    /rocket remove <warp> -> Remove a rocket warp
    /parachute -> You get the parachute item

    9. Permissions
    - parachute.use -> You can use the parachute
    - parachute.item -> You can get the parachute item
    - rocket.use -> You can use the rocket
    - rocket.item -> You can get the rocket item
    - rocket.warp.list -> You can list all rocket warps
    - rocket.warp.set -> You can set a rocket warp
    - rocket.warp.remove -> You can remove a rocket warp
    - rocket.warp.teleport -> You can teleport yourself to a rocket warp

    If you have downloaded the Beta 3.1 you should delete your message.yml and config.yml before updating to the latest version.

    This plugin is not in development anymore! There will be no new version. There is no support for any issue or situation that may occur.

    Have fun with it! :)

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    1. Mauricius17
      Author's Response
      I have no idea what you are saying there, but thank you for this video:)
  4. EurenikZ
    Version: Beta 4.4
    Nettes Plugin. Jedoch braucht man die Permissions, wie bei jedem Plugin, trotz OP oder *-Permissions. Außerdem kommt das Item immer auf Slot 2 und ersetzt das, was dort war. Außerdem bekommt man beim Landen trotzdem Fallschaden...
    1. Mauricius17
      Author's Response
      Das mit den Permissions ist absicht. Mit dem Fallschirm bekommst du keinen Fallschaden(Du wirst eventuell durch andere Plugins beeinflusst)! Das mit dem Item auf Slot 2 kann nicht sein! Es wird ins Inventar geadded und nicht gesetzt! Ich habe es extra überprüft
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    Good idea but if something will be update it will cool
    1. Mauricius17
      Author's Response
      How do you mean?
  6. Aberts10
    Version: Beta 4.3
    Works as expected. Make sure to enable the world you want in the config or it wont work. Amazing author, Best reponse time, Amazing little plugin great for Space/futuristic servers!
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      Thank you:)
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    Version: Beta 4.0
    Very nice update with the crafting system :) like it +1
    1. Mauricius17
  8. Aberts10
    Version: Beta 4.0
    I don't have access to console atm, so I don't know if its giving off a error, But when I do /rocket item, and get the redstone lever (rocket) and place it down, its a normal lever.... when I flip the lever it does nothing, is there something I'm missing?
    1. Mauricius17
      Author's Response
      Maybe your server is with java 7? The plugin needs a server with java 8
  9. HGGamers5
    Version: Beta 1.0
    Cooles Plugin aber kannst du mal ein plugin machen das CoinBomb heißt und wie auf Mineplex funktzuniert wäre nice! :)
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      Danke erstmal:) Könntest du genauer erläutern, was das ist?
  10. Aberts10
    Version: Beta 1.0
    Can you add Crafting recipies? and maybe the ability to warp players to new worlds with different rockets when it reaches the hight limit?
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      Both features will come! Thank you for your feedback!