RocketJoin - Custom Join Messags 2.1.3

Create custom join messages with groups, commands on join, sounds and more. PlaceholderAPI support

  1. RocketJoin 2.0 - The most important update

    ✅ • New Features
    Added a new conditions system
    ⚠ • Changes
    Totally rewrite of the plugin.
    Take a look here if you want to view all the changes.
    Changed the configuration system. Read `Upgrading to 2.0` for more information.
    • Upgrading to 2.0
    RocketJoin 2.0 introduces lots of new features and a new configurating system.
    I'm sorry but you have to reset your config.yml before enabling rocketjoin 2.0.
    This may be fixed in the next version.​
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