Role Play Commands 2.1

Adds commands like /hug and /slap

  1. Role Play Commands 2.1

    -Removed /giftitem due to it being too buggy

    -Improved /slap , it now will tell the target what item they were slapped with (item in command executors hand)
  2. Role Play Commands 2.0

    This update adds six new commands.


    /cry (broadcast to chat you're crying)

    /laugh (broadcast to chat you laughed)

    /laugh atthat (broadcast to chat you laughed "at that")

    /giverose [player] (when holding a poppy it will change the poppies name to "ROSE", and give it to the player specified)

    /giftitem [player] (gifts what ever is in your hand to the player specified)

    /poke [player] (sends message to player specified that...