Roleplay Engine 4.5.3

The all-in-one solution for roleplay servers

  1. steffansk1997
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    RPEngine is the solution for your roleplay server. It manages everything from chat to player cards, nations, races and more

    !Without these plugins installed RPEngine won't work!

    Some functions of the RPEngine


    RPEngine has a fully integrated chat system with 2 chat channels, OOC (Out of Character) and RP (RolePlay).
    The OOC chat is global while RP chat is set to go a configurable distance (default 35 blocks).
    The chat system is also compatible with permission plugins like permissions ex and shows player prefixes and suffixes in the OOC chat

    The RP chat has a few formatting tricks:

    For expressing all of your character's actions! Simply use the * symbol in front of your action.
    For example: *walked in a circle around the flowers. Shows up as George walked in a circle around the flowers
    This uses your character's name as defined in the character card. If you use quotations it'll color the text white. This helps detonate speech.


    OOC in the RP chat
    Sometimes you need to tell the people you're rping with something, out of character. But there is no need for the whole server to see your message. So you send your message in the rp chat. Put (( in front of your message and it will turn grey so people know it's out of character


    Character Cards
    Used for displaying information about your character. Use /card to view your cards. You can either use /card [value] to set values or you can directly click on the text that pops up. Since the plugin sends you json messages instead of plain text messages you can interact with the chat, so instead of remembering all the commands to edit your card you can click on the values to edit them


    Birds are a way of sending long distance messages in roleplay. It wouldn't be realistic for your message to arrive instantly at the recipient, so the bird is a message that takes time to arrive to it's destination. The amount of time a bird takes depends on the distance between the two players and the configured speed of the birds (default: 20 blocks/s)


    Do you want to let chance decide what happens next to your character? How about a roll. It gives you a random number between 1 and the max you set with /roll [maxRoll]


    The countdown is something players can use before they start their rp or pvp battle.


    Dev Builds - Not recommended for use on servers. We'll release builds that are stable and meant for your server on this page\\

    [​IMG] Jenkins

    • /card opens: your card
      • /card name [name]: Change your rp name
      • /card age [age]: Change your characters age
      • /card gender [male/female]: Set your characters gender
      • /card race [race]: Set your characters race (races are defined in the config)
      • /card nation [nation]: Set your character nation (nations are defined in the config)
      • /card desc [description]: Add a decription about your character
    • /rp: Switch to the rp chat
    • /ooc: Switch to the ooc chat
    • /toggleooc: Disable or enable the ooc chat
    • /whisper [message]: whisper something in rp (smaller range)
    • /shout [message]: shout something in rp (bigger range)
    • /bird [player] [message]: send a bird to a player
    • /roll [max]: Roll the dice
    • /countdown [startNumber]: start a countdown from [startNumber] to 1
    • /spawnpoint: teleport to your own nations spawnpoint (require rpengine.spawnpoint.own)
      • /spawnpoint [nation]: teleport to other nations spawnpoints (requires rpengine.spawnpoint.others)
      • /spawnpoint set [nation]: set a nations spawnpoint (require rpengine.spawnpoint.own or rpengine.spawnpoint.all)

    Code (Text):
      description: Allows you to your own nations spawnpoint
      description: Allows you to set the spawnpoint for all nations
      description: Allows teleport to own nations spawnpoint
      description: Allows teleport to other nations

    Code (Text):

    #Database type, either sqlite or mysql
    databasetype: sqlite
    table-prefix: rpen_

    #MySQL Connection settings, only needed when databasetype is set to mysql
      host: localhost
      user: root
      password: 1234
      database: minecraft
      port: 3306

    debug: false

    chatEnabled: true
    rpRange: 35
    whisperRange: 5
    shoutRange: 50
    logOOC: true
    logRP: false

    #MaxAge for if nothing is defined at the race:
    MaxAge: 75
        Color: BLUE
        MaxAge: 150
        Plural: Humans
        spawnX: 52
        spawnY: 66
        spawnZ: 4
        spawnYaw: 0
        spawnPitch: 0
        spawnWorld: world
    # Speed in block per second for birds
    speed: 20

    #Max for countdown and rolls
    maxRoll: 100
    maxCountdown: 20

    #The cooldown in-between card changes in seconds
    cardCooldown: 600

    #Player health (20 is one full row of hearts and the default value)
    playerHealth: 40

    # What language messages are sent in
    language: en_us
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Recent Reviews

  1. LiamVI
    Version: 4.5.3
    This was an excellent plugin when it was actively maintained. However, In the interest of keeping roleplay servers alive and well, I'd direct you to a new plugin that has the same features & more:
  2. Darutan
    Version: 4.5.3
    A great plugin, but since version 1.14 the display of the name in the tablist and above the head does not work. There is also a mistake that when a foreign card is displayed by clicking, the word "name" is written in the "nationality" field. I would also like to add enter custom fields.
  3. TheDragonsRoost
    Version: 4.5.3
    I enjoy this resource, but I'm curious if we will see more functionality from this plugin?
  4. MCMANN32
    Version: 4.5.3
    I love using this plugin on my 1.12.2 server. It does everything I could ever ask for in a roleplay engine, bringing forth some of the critical things involved in a roleplay: Local chat, emotes, nicknames, etc. I have high hopes that this plugin be updated to 1.13.2 before too long, as it causes players to be kicked with a message about pre-existing scoreboards (to be expected out of a major update). If you're hoping to run a minecraft server where you and your friends can hop online and have a fun and functional roleplay with the luxuries of a server with custom plugins, I would definitely recommend this one for all types of roleplayer.
  5. Slava1234545
    Version: 4.5.3
    It's a great plugin but I the Races and Nations confusing I would like to add new Races/Nations for my server tho idk how
  6. SpLuXx
    Version: 4.5.3
  7. Demette
    Version: 4.5.3
    It's a great plugin but I the Races and Nations confusing I would like to add new Races/Nations for my server tho idk how
  8. Salpsan
    Version: 4.5.3
    Works very great a must for any RP Server , Found a workaround if is not loading , Load 1.1.2 Then Then back to Then it well load.
  9. vitoordutra
    Version: 4.5.3
    Doesnt work on 1.12.2. Error at loading on console...........................................
    1. steffansk1997
      Author's Response
      Could you send me the stacktrace of the error in a pm?
  10. Deth_Glitch
    Version: 4.5.3
    Fantastic Plugin, however when I wanted to use the plugin Races and Classes to add more depth I found that RPEngines health kept overriding the custom health of RaC. If possible I would like a Version of RP Engine with just the chat features, like you have done with the Card part of the plugin