RottenFleshToLeather 1.8+ 1.04

Change rotten flesh to leather and leather to rotten Flesh

  1. SuperTruperHans
    FleshToLeather Minecraft 1.8.x :)

    - transfor rotten flesh to leather
    - transform leather to rotten flesh

    ~ this is Version 1.0.4 ~

    new config file:

    - enable/disable rotten flesh to leather
    - enable/disable leather to rotten flesh

    - no permission
    - no config

    Insert rotten flesh and coal into a furnace and
    transform rotten flesh to leather.

    You can transform back the leather to rotten flesh.
    Insert rotten leather and coal into a furnace and
    transform rotten leather to rotten flesh.




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Recent Reviews

  1. VanStorm
    Version: 2015-10-03
    Great idea!

    Finally rotten flesh becomes useful to players.

    I also left a post in the discussion area for you :)
    1. SuperTruperHans
      Author's Response
      thanks man