RottenFood 1.0.0

Let that food rot!

  1. AniSkywalker
    A plugin that gives all food products in Minecraft an expiry time, which, when reached, leaves the food spoiled and rotten. This is to combat the stockpiles of food users inevitably have stored in their homes and encourage the hospitality economy in towns and player interactions.

    • Let the food in your inventory turn rotten, like in real life!
    • Perfect for RPG/Survival/Realistic/RP/Prison Servers (where the food piles up).
    • Rot persists in chests.
    • Expired food will apply effects from config.
    • Effects are customizable on a per-food basis, as are rot times.
    • More features will follow!
    Coming SoonTM
    • A hook into MVdW's Placeholders to allow a placeholder in Featherboard (or the like).
    • An addition to the lore that says the date it will expire.
    • /expiry - shows time left until food that is in hand expires
    • No permissions, only the config.yml file
    Configuration File
    Code (Text):
    # How long should each item take to expire, in seconds?
      COOKED_BEEF: 15
    # What potion effects should the player get for the food item?
    # In the form of "EFFECT-ID:DURATION(sec):AMPLIFIER"
      COOKED_BEEF: ["9:10:6","15:10:6", "17:10:5"]
      DEFAULT: ["9:10:6","15:10:6", "17:10:5"]
      # When a player consumes rotten food.
      consumed-expired: "&cYoujustateexpiredfood."
      # When a player tries to use /expires on a non-food item (an item that is not edible).
      not-food: "&cTheiteminyourhandisnotfood,thusdoesnotexpire."
      # When a player uses /expires and it gives them how long. (%time% for formatted time)
      expires-in: "&aThisfooditemexpiresin%time%."
      # When a player uses /expires on an item that has expired. (%time% for formatted time)
      expired: "&cThisfooditemhasalreadyexpired!Itexpired  %time%ago."
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Recent Reviews

  1. symsonic
    Version: 1.0.0
    it's a real nice plugin, we are testing it now for placing this in to our minetopia server. keep up the good work