Roulette Vote - The best voting reward plugin around! 1.0.2 BETA

With many random rewards with a casino style you are promised to get many more voters!

  1. matanos
    Roulette Vote - BETA
    Roulette Vote is a plugin i made for my server to handle votes.
    and after i placed it on i get a 200% rise in votes as players always wanted to get better rewards and with the random reward system it is a little bit addictive.

    How dose it work?
    Every time someone votes it gives him 1 random spawn egg and 2 random items. all items are randomised by a level system: common, rear and legendary.

    Planned Features:
    I am planning to add configureable item list and bungee support (i already have bungee support on my server i just need to update it to this plugin).

    With this plugin i offer free 24/7 support from skype.
    just add me on skype for anything you might need!
    Skype: matanrak1

    Idea - Matan
    Coding - Matan

    BTW i am planning to keep this plugin for a bit until i get some bugs fixed :3

    2015-09-03_16.37.54.png 2015-09-03_16.38.36.png 2015-09-03_16.38.59.png
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Recent Reviews

  1. Haoiscoll
    Version: 1.01 Beta
    Nice Plugin For Votes :D Will Be Using It For My Server!
  2. JTJ2001
    Version: 1.01 Beta
    Amazing plugin works really well I am really pleased with it, Thanks Matan!
    1. matanos
      Author's Response
      No problem :D
  3. DomMinesDiamonds
    Version: 1.0
    Some bugs but better msg's then the one on bukkit :)
    1. matanos
      Author's Response
      Thank you :D
      any ideas for improvements?