Roulette 1.0

A fun micro-game for your server!

  1. insou
    Russian Roulette is a game where you have a revolving gun, generally with 6 bullets, but only load one of them. You then spin the barrel, and shoot your head. You have a 5/6 chance of surviving, and a 1/6 chance of dying. This is now in Minecraft!

    • Fully configurable messages
    • 100% Random
    • Configurable chance of dying
    • Configurable time between initiating roulette and the result
    • Configure whether it kills you or not
    • Allows you to clear the items of a player if they lose if wished so
    /roulette - Starts a game of roulette

    Code (Text):
    message-roulette-start: '&bPulling the trigger...'
    message-roulette-winner: '&aYou survived! Phew'
    message-roulette-dead: '&cThere was a bullet! You died!'

    #Chance - Chance x = 1/x
    roulette-chance: 6

    #Time in seconds to wait before executing
    roulette-wait: 3

    #Whether it kills you or not when you lose
    roulette-kills: true

    #Whether it clears your items when you die if you lose
    #(roulette-kills must be true to enable this)
    roulette-clearItems: true