[RPG]Automatic Bow! 2015-03-19


  1. CILI0

    This plugin allow you to shoot arrows (with bow) without charge it !!!
    you can modify the speed and cooldown in the config.yml !
    can make a gun with it if you want ! 100 arrows x second !
    You dont need arrows in your inventory to shoot any more !

    work with spigot 1.7.* /spigot hack / 1.8.*


Recent Reviews

  1. supeljnh
    Version: 2015-03-19
    hello , are u still there ?
  2. red0fireus
    Version: 2015-03-19
    This is a good plugin for an RPG server if you just want to use bow's. I have one suggestion that you could add to this plugin to make it better.

    I was thinking if you were to add an option in the config file where you can add Minecraft ITEM ID's or ITEM Names to the config and when you right click the item defined in the config an arrow will be shot out of the custom defined item.

    The reason i'm looking for this in a plugin is because if you have a Resource Pack installed on the server and lets say the resource pack changed the coal texture to a bow and arrow (Just an Example) The coal would not shoot but with this plugin if you can define the items in the config. It will allow you to right click the "Coal" and an arrow will shoot out of the Coal which is textured as a bow.

    Just a Thought.
    Overall very good plugin.
  3. Lynx76x
    Version: 2015-03-19
    I 'm really happy to have your plugin. Thank you for thinking ;)
    1. CILI0
      Author's Response
      Ty you ! :D