RPG Inventory - Custom Model Data support 2.3.2

Want to add new slots? May be also you need pets, mounts, backpacks and custom items? It's easy!

  1. RPGInventory v2.3.2 - Custom Model Data support

    Custom Model Data
    Now you can switch textures type between Custom Model Data and damage. Just change option textures-type in the config. There are two possible values:
    We also created...
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  2. RPGInventory v2.3.1 - Cats update

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  3. RPG Inventory v1.0.6 - Friendly

    • Added support of ChestCommands, RaC and all other plugins which uses chest GUI. Now plugin is friendly ;)
    • Added correct custom inventory name displaying in chests. Also default chest names added to lang file
    • Language level migrated from 6th to 7th version
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  4. RPG Inventory v1.0.5

    • Added feature to exclude items from the list of validation, as well as add all the things at once (See more in the tutorial "Simple slot creation")
    • Added action type ENDERCHEST
    • Changed page counter in chests and fixed bug because of which pages were turning multiple times from one click
    • Fixed compatibility with PerWorldPlugins...
  5. RPGInventory v1.0.4

    • Fixed a bug that occurs when a player dies
    • Fixed a bug that occurs when a player attack
  6. RPGInventory v1.0.3 - Creative mod fix

    • Removed debug info
    • Fixed a bug due to which you have lost inventory in the transition to the creative mode
  7. RPG Inventory v1.0.2 - Release

    • New: When you change the location of the slot, things are in there too changes its location
    • Improved validation of the configuration of slots (slots.yml)
    • Fixed a bug with the weapon "whip out"
    • Fixed bugs that occurred with the pets, with the taming of ordinary wolves. For example, all tamed wolves were removed when removing the pet item from the...
  8. RPG Inventory v1.0.1

    • Added config auto-updater
    • Added feature to spend levels for slot
    • Added feature to disable slot buying
    • Changed: Slot of pet and workbench moved to slots.yml (now you can remove them from your inventory)
    • Fixed armor slots
    • Fixed bug with pets
  9. RPG Inventory v1.0

    • New: Unlocked all slots
    • New slots system, now you can fully configure inventory. For example, you can add a 2nd weapon slot or add slot for backpack
    • New: –°rafting area removed from inventory and replaced with a workbench button
    • Changed protection of weapon slot
    • Fixed dupe with chests
    API Updated!...
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  10. RPG Inventory v0.9.1 - Dupe fix

    • New: Configs translated completely
    • Changed: In weapon list added gold sword and axes
    • Fixed a bugs that you can see in this video

      Slots protected from drop
    Known caveats:
    Craft in the inventory is unstable