RPG Leveled Mobs [2.7.1]

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  1. iomatix
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.14
    Source Code:
    Languages Supported:
    English, Polish, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese
    RPG Leveled Mobs
    I've decided to create this plugin because I needed the leveled mobs for my 1.14.4 server. There are no other similar compatible plugins with this version.
    Previously I was using Conquestia Mobs plugin by Ferrago on my Legacy server but after upgrading it to the 1.14.4 it won't work anymore. The author and resource seem inactive and he didn't reply to my PM yet.
    I want to share my work with you as far I know there is request from the Spigot's community for that kind of resource. It's working similar to the ConquestiaMobs but with more functions which I considered as necessary for the plugin (Like Vault support and an armor scaling feature) with more admin commands.


    Ferrago for ConqestiaMobs plugin. ( We love you all! )

    Functions & Details:

    - Async support: working also on PaperSpigot
    - Leveled mobs with HP, Armor, Damage, Experience and Money scaling
    - Nodes settings support
    - Worlds settings support
    - Better control on game balance.
    - GUI mapped to work like the ConquestiaMobs GUI.
    - Config files may work with ConquestiaMobs configs.**
    - Smart leveled mobs refresh, the mobs are not removed on server's restart anymore.
    - Pets support. (Vanilla taming mechanic)
    - Vault support
    - SkillAPI and more similar RPG plugins*
    - MobArena support**
    - Custom Mobs and Custom Names support**
    - Towny Support for Vault economy. (Please use the latest version, it works only with TownyAPI supported releases***)
    - Supports 1.14.4+, older versions are not tested and won't be supported. If you are using Legacy version just try different plugins - like the ConquestiaMobs.

    Permissions & Commands:
    rpgleveledmobs.admin - /rpgmobs

    API for developers


    Please use the discussion section to report bugs and to suggest new features or improvements NOT the reviews section!

    * The plugin needs more tests with other RPG plugins - it was tested only with SkillAPI, MMOCore and mcMMO as far.
    Please report working RPG plugins in the discussion section.

    ** Not tested yet - if works, report this in the discussion section. Thank you!

    *** At least Towny Advanced

    Donations are optional, all my resources will remain free to use.
    My official page: click.

    Try also:
    RPG Parties for SkillAPI
    RPG Core

    Our official server
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Recent Reviews

  1. gokugamer172
    Version: [2.7.0]
    I love the plugin, but I currently have a problem and I would like to know if there is a way to work with cubcustomdrops
    1. iomatix
      Author's Response
      Come to discussion section! The customdrop plugins should work with this plugin.
  2. Aeyori
    Version: [2.7.0]
    Perfect plugin with modules you can disable! A great replacement and successor to Conquestia mobs! Extremely customizable and user friendly! The author is also kind and also listens to his community! (An overall snacc if i say so myself)
  3. Killer123451
    Version: [2.7.0]
    can i use Quality Armorry?
    thx for this plugin its amazing .. :D . . . . . . . . .
    1. iomatix
      Author's Response
      Dunno, It should work. O.o
  4. KazMNF
    Version: [2.6.5]
    Works very well on my 1.14.4 Survival server. Is custom drops possible to add next update ?
  5. Sun_Light
    Version: [2.6.0]
    great plugin ´╝înicely configurable and easy to use ,thx you so much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1. iomatix
      Author's Response
      I will keep going with improvements! Thank you
  6. fangster
    Version: 2.3.0
    Hello, I have to say how great this plugin really is. Got one issue with it though, when the player kills a mob and gets that amount of money from config, the value is bugged. Ex. Playeer starts with 50000 balance, kills a mob and gets 176.25 and in scoreboard it show 50176.7899999. Can this be fixed or it's a bug caused by other plugins?
    1. iomatix
      Author's Response
      If you are using towny economy addon may something like that happend, else it shouldn't be fault of the RPG Mobs because values are rounded to 2nd place after pointer. Try adjust scoreboard plugin to round values.
      ~ It also may be caused by another plugin which scales income or something like that.
  7. DorianX
    Version: 2.2.1
    Can't say much until I see the performance with 7+ players. Way too OP at first, but nicely configurable. Where are the lang files? I can't translate into Spanish? xD
    1. iomatix
      Author's Response
      Spanish support is added.
      You must configure the plugin for your server's needs.
  8. Christopher273
    Version: 2.2.1
    Epic plugin; just what I needed for my new RPG server, keep up the good work - and keep updated :) - Do you have future features planned?
    1. iomatix
      Author's Response
      For now it's all I needed. Maybe more plugins support in the feature.
  9. thedeadboy07
    Version: 2.1.8
    Thanks man, there was a need a plugin like ConqestiaMobs for 1.14.4, great job, sorry for my bad English