RPG Leveled Mobs [2.7.1]

RPG, Leveled, Mobs, Monsters, Animals

  1. [2.7.1]

    - Blocked menu language fixed
  2. [2.7.0] - MMOCore Update

    - MMOCore Support is added.
    (Not tested. Please inform me about the bugs.)
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  3. [2.6.9] !Important - Fixed economy handler for non-Towny users.

    - Fixed economy handler for non-Towny users.
    If any problems occur please share your log's stack.
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  4. [2.6.8] - SkillAPI Fix

    - SkillAPI PlayerLevelUpEvent integration is fixed
  5. [2.6.7] - 2.1+ (unofficial release) SkillAPI (1.14.4) support

    2.1+ (unofficial release) SkillAPI (1.14.4) support

    Updated SkillAPI lib to the newest iomatix's build.
    More info available on the SkillAPI fork -> iomatix branch.
  6. [2.6.6] - Fixes & Libs update

    - Updated to the newset spigot's build
    - EntityDamageEvent on vanilla version is fixed. (Without 3rd party RPG plugins)
    - Money bug diagnosed, everything is working. (If the money is not transfered to the account is the fault of economy plugin. Try to change it to another one. The economy must be Valut based.)
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  7. [2.6.5]

    - Bias formula switch is added to global, world and node settings.
    Three randomizer formulas are available:
    MAIN - Low and middle results. ( SQRT method )
    ALTER - Lowest results. ( PoW method )
    RANDOM - Middle results with a little random shift. ( Subtract method )
    Formula details for 15500 entries (mobs):
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  8. [2.6.1] - Biase enchantments

    - Biased formula is improved.
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  9. [2.6.0] - RPG & Randomization Update

    - Biased money scaling randomization. Formula is changed.
    - Added biased level randomization settings for global, world and node config.
    - Small fixes and code improvements.
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  10. [2.5.4] Towny formula fixed

    Towny payments fixed