RPG Skills 1.1

A plugin to add skills to your server! A must have factions or survival server!

  1. RedDragon
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    This is a plugin wich ables the players to have skills and levels in their survival atrributes such as mining or archery!
    For every atrribute they will have skills that will be stronger with the level that they have!
    In a certain way is similar to the MCMMO Plugin but better!


    • Custom messages
    • Beter version of MCMMO
    • Fully configurable
    /skills levels
    Shows the current level of the player in question.
    Permission: -

    /skills xp
    Shows the current xp to the next level of each attribute
    Permission: -

    /skills admin <skill> <player> <level>
    Sets a level for a certain atrribute
    Permission: skills.admin

    Atributes and skills
    Swords - For every entity you slay, you will get more amount of XP
    Bleeding - Makes victim bleed for a certain amount of time
    Aura - Hits everything around attacker for a certain amount of hearts​

    Woodcutting - For every tree you cut, you will get more amount of XP
    Tree feller - Breaks whole tree at once for a certain amount of time
    Apple - Chance of dropping more apples!
    Archery - For every arrow hited, the more XP you will get!
    Nausea blow - Give enemy nausea for few seconds!
    Poison blow - Chance to give enemy poison for few seconds!
    Acrobatics - For every fall taken, the more XP you will get!
    Roll - Chance to take less fall damage!
    DodgeFall - Evade all fall damage!
    Mining - For every mined block, the more XP you will get!
    Drilling - Breaks everything quick for a certain amout of time!
    Looting - Chance of dropping multiple ores!​

    Skills admin setlevel
    Skills Admin.png
    Skills commands
    Skills Commands.png
    Skills cooldown
    Skills Cooldown.png
    Skills help
    Skills Help.png
    Skills levels
    Skills Levels.png
    Skills swords (aura, left click with sword in hand)
    Skills Swords (Aura).png
    Skills Woodcutting (Tree Feller, left click with axe in hand)
    Skills Woodcutting (Tree Feller).png
    Skills Xp
    Skills Xp.png

Recent Updates

  1. Depedencies update
  2. Description update and fix

Recent Reviews

  1. Darz
    Version: 1.1
    ¿Podría lanzar una versión para la 1.12.2? Por lo demás he visto que funciona muy bien y es justo lo que buscaba <3!