RPGHealthPlus 1.5.0

RPGHealth is a Plugin that allows you and your players to level up your HP by killing mobs.

  1. F5zu

    RPGHealth is an unique plugin, unlike many others, that allows you and your players to level up your HP by killing other players or mobs.
    This plugin finds it's place on every type of server.
    * It makes PVP more fun and adds a new challenge, instead of collecting diamond gear.
    * With survival, a whole new objective gets added.
    * Minigame servers, for a new type of 'skill'.
    I've completely redone the coding of this plugin, to make it even smoother and to improve what the plugin does, such as new animations.


    Commands And Permissions
    Code (Text):

    Permissions :

    rpghealth.hp //Allow the players to earn XP

    Groups permissions (only if "use-groups-permissions" in the config is enabled):
    rpghealth.lvl.lowest  //Players with this permission can level up to max 20 HP by default.by default ( ' (startinghp + maxhp) / 3 ' )
    rpghealth.lvl.low  //24 HP by default. ( ' (startinghp + maxhp) / 2.5 ' )
    rpghealth.lvl.med  //30 by default ( ' (startinghp + maxhp) / 2 ' )
    rpghealth.lvl.high  //40 by default ( ' (startinghp + maxhp) / 1.5 ' )
    rpghealth.lvl.max  //full (40 by default) (maxhp)

    rpghealth.damagemultiplier //Allow the players to use the damage multiplier


    Command   |   Permission
    /rpghp gethp  rpghealth.gethp
    //rpghp gethp <Player>
    //Gets the amount of hearts of the targeted player.

    /rpghp sethp  rpghealth.sethp
    //rpghp sethp <Player> <Number>
    //Sets the HP of the targeted player to the number you defined.

    /rpghp tmphp  rpghealth.tmphp
    //rpghp tmphp <Player> <Number>
    //Sets the HP temporary.

    /rpghp addhp  rpghealth.addhp
    //rpghp addhp <Player> <Number>
    // Adds defined number of HP to the targeted player.

    /rpghp addxp  rpghealth.addxp
    //rpghp addxp <Player> <Number>
    // Adds defined number of XP to the targeted player.

    /hp           rpghealth.hp
    //This will show you your progress to your next HP level.
    //If you want to check the progress of another player, you need the permission "rpghealth.hp.others" and to type "/hp <playername>".

    /rpghp reload rpghealth.reload
    //rpghp reload
    //Reloads the configuration file, saves players.yml and checks for updates.



    This is an explaination of how the configuration file works.
    Code (Text):

      max-hp: 40  //Sets what the heighest HP achieveable by leveling is.
      starting-hp: 20  //Sets the HP of new players that are not in the storage.
      needed-xp-formula: 20*HP  //This will set the needed-xp.

      xp-percentage-from-mobspawners: 20 //This sets the percentage of the mob's XP if it comes from a monster spawner.
      xp-lost-on-death-formula: 4*HP //The XP you lose on death
      hp-display-scale: 1.0 //Scales your HP
      enable-names-xp: false //enabled names-xp list
      xpmessages: true //Toggles XP messages. (requires  Holographic Displays)

      disable-in-creative: true //players in creative mode do not get more xp
      reset-hp-on-death: false //sets the players hp to the starting hp on death
      damage-multiplier: false //Players with more Health do more damage.
      use-extra-permissions: true //Enables some extra permissions
      heal-after-world-change: false //Heals the players during a world change.
      silent-console-commands: false //Mute console output on 'addxp', 'sethp' and 'addhp'
      levelup-particles: true //shows particles on level up
      enable-sounds: true //Levelup and mobkill sounds

      check-for-updates: true //Allows RPGHealth to check for updates

    mobs-xp:  //This is a list where you can define howmuch XP each mob drops.
      BAT: 2 //The XP of a bat is set to 2.
      BLAZE: 7  //And so on..
      CAVE_SPIDER: 4
      CHICKEN: 1
      COW: 1
      CREEPER: 3
      ENDER_DRAGON: 350
      ENDERMAN: 8
      GHAST: 7
      GIANT: 140
      HORSE: 4
      IRON_GOLEM: 13
      MAGMA_CUBE: 5
      OCELOT: 2
      PIG: 1
      PIG_ZOMBIE: 6
      PLAYER: 0
      SHEEP: 1
      SKELETON: 3
      SLIME: 1
      SNOWMAN: 1
      SPIDER: 3
      SQUID: 1
      VILLAGER: 3
      WITCH: 6
      WITHER: 150
      WOLF: 3
      ZOMBIE: 2
      GUARDIANS: 4
      RABBIT: 1

    names-xp:  //This is a list where you can define howmuch XP a mob with a certain name drops.
    - examplemobname1 = 8
    - examplemobname2 = 6

    nonaffected-worlds:  //worlds where HP is not affected/levelled.
    - exampleworldname1
    - exampleworldname2

    // In players.yml:
    player-storage:  //Here will be all the players that have joined the server.

    (Desle): //The uuid of the player.
    hp: 34.0 //The HP of a player (level).
    xp: 0.0 //The XP of a player.
    xp-needed: 1020 //The needed XP of a player to rankup.

    You want to use a newer RPGHealth version with an older Minecraft version?
    You can find backports here.

    Tutorials and Reviews
    Take a look at the Videos page on dev bukkit.

    RPGHealthPlus checks spigotmc.org for updates and will notify Ops if a new version is available. You can disable this in the config file.

    Get Involved
    If you found a bug or have an idea to make this plugin better, write about it here:
    or here:

    This plugin uses Metrics-Lite to track anonymous data about servers using this plugin. It has no impact on your server's performance. You can see the statistics here. If you want to disable it, open the configfile in /plugins/bStats and set enabled: false.

Recent Reviews

  1. saint_blair
    Version: 1.5.0
    1.16.5 paper spigot

    could be a little more user friendly with info otherwise love it.

    would love to see ability to use the vanilla xp bar instead of the standalone xp system as some people may want to use that.

    tested working
  2. Balde95
    Version: 1.5.0
    Just thanks for this plugin, I use for my custom skill tree on my minecraft server
  3. WaylunC
    Version: 1.5.0
    with all permission, none of any player are able to set hp, even set into ADMIN and still not work, config, player's UUID change, all fail.
    Version: Paper 1.16.2
  4. ___MrCrazy___
    Version: 1.5.0
    this plugin is amazing only issue i have is when stopping server its hangs on this plugin and i end up closing the server console.
  5. KraziX
    Version: 1.5.0
    Excellent plugin! Can you add the version 1.15.x? Please! Thank you! I love this plugin!
  6. z__
    Version: 1.4.8
    working on 1.14.4, however new mobs as of 1.13 aren't added and also when a player first joins their extra hearts aren't full... We still prefer this to others though...
  7. lovec119
    Version: 1.4.8
    Version 1.14.3 works
    Good plugin
    Maybe do database save like mysql | sql
  8. lafaipopo
    Version: 1.4.8
    Exellent! Very thanks for the 1.13 update. Please keep alive the plugin :) .
  9. LNJJeremy
    Version: 1.4.7 for v1_12_R1
    If you could implement a way to boost some users (like VIPs) it would be awesome (some kinda permission like rpghp.boost.2 (gain x2 xp) / rpghp.boost.3 (gain x3 xp)

    Thanks you!
  10. Watamote
    Version: 1.4.7 for v1_12_R1
    Fantastic plugin. Players love it. Easy to use and understand, and comes with a reload command. 5/5 perfect!