RPGLeveling 1.2.1

Changing the way you gain experience

  1. ArcasCZ
    Hello everyone!

    My name is Arcas, I'm owner of Uranus-Portal.com and i want introduce one of my first plugins for public.

    • Plugin changes the way of gaining experience and levels. Now uses equation xpForLevel = level * constant (adjustable in config)
    • Plugin can play sound on level up or level down (can be disabled in cfg)
    • Plugin can do any command after level up or level down
    • Plugin contains command, that show how much XP player needs for level up
    • Compatibile with 1.7.2+
    • OpenSource!

    Known bugs:
    • XP gained by plugins like Essentials ignores this plugin (I think I can use Essentials API for this...)
    1. Download latest version
    2. Put jar into plugins folder
    3. Start server
    4. In folder "\plugins\RPGLeveling\" edit config.yml as you wish
    5. Restart server (or reload plugin via PlugMan)
    6. Grant permissions by the list below.
    • /level
      • show actual level, actual XPs and how many XPs player needs
    • rpgleveling.*
      • grants all permissions
    • rpgleveling.level
      • grants access to /level command
      • default: true
    • Maybe I'll add command for change experience
    • Add Essentials support for XP gain / remove

    SourceCode | BugTrack
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  1. DarthajaX
    Version: 1.2.1
    Pekná práca Arcasi! ;)