rscMessages — Better than AutoMessage for multiple servers. v0.7.6b

Message lists from MySQL for multiserver environments. Placeholders, json. Intuitive. TRY!

  1. Reality_SC
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    This is a simple, fast and very stable plugin with intuitive commands and permissions which allows to create message lists and broadcast them to players. It stores all data in two MySQL tables. Several servers can safety share single database and message lists. It is completely translatable (includes english and russian out-of-the-box).

    For russian-speaking users: plugin's page @

    Message and list options.
    Each message list have some simple tuneable options:
    • enabled (boolean) — no broadcasting if false.
    • random (boolean) — if false messages are broadcasting in id ascending order.
    • delay (seconds) — interval between two broadcasting messages. It is not the period of full list broadcasting.
    • prefix (string) — little string to be added in the start of every broadcasting message.
    • sound (string) — name of a enum constant from org.bukkit.Sound. Will be played for those who receives message. Volume and pitch are equal to 1.0f.
    Every message can have only one option turned on/off:
    • enabled (boolean) — will it be broadcasted automatically or not.
    • Also every message can be auto-disabled (using database column lifetime).
    • Another column json tells plugin to send the message via special "raw" method (using ProtocolLib 3.6.4 or newer).
    List prefix and message text can include my own placeholders and from PlaceholderAPI.

    • /rscm list [list name] — enumerate messages in list or even available lists.
    • /rscm info <list name> [#] — show properties of the list or message.
    • /rscm add <list name> <text> — add new message to the list.
    • /rscm edit <list name> <#> <text> — change existing message text.
    • /rscm remove <list name> [#] — remove single message or whole list (be careful).
    • /rscm broadcast <list name> [#] — broadcast next or specified message from the list.
    • /rscm update [do] — check for an update or download and install it.
    • /rscm reload — reload configuration and lists/messages from database.
    • /rscm help [1|2] — look at help pages.
    Argument brackets has meaning: <required> or [optional]. Most commands have single letter shortcuts (they are red and underlined).

    • rscm.receive.<list name> — receive list messages when it's timer fires.
    • rscm.receive.* — receive messages from all lists (should be assigned to admins/moders only).
    • rscm.edit.<list name> — add/edit/remove/look props/enable/disable messages in the specified list. Includes receive-list permission.
    • rscm.setup.<list name> — create/setup/remove list itself. Includes edit-list permission.
    • rscm.admin — completely all functions. Should be assigned to admins/moders only. Note: It doesn't work as global receive permissions.
    Configuration is a quite simple. It requires MySQL database host, user name, password and table prefixes to be set. Optionally, you can tune delay (in seconds) how often plugin should reload lists and messages from database. Read comments in source config.yml for details.

    consists of two tables: lists and messages. Feel free to edit their contents with website scripts or your favorite MySQL editor. I use MySQL Workbench.

    Source code and development builds
    of this project can be acquired here and here, respectively. Use development builds at your own risk.

    I'm writing code using only Bukkit API and a minimum set of libraries. As default dependencies are for the latest Spigot version (today it is 1.10.2), however, plugin should work on older server versions: 1.10.x - 1.8.x, 1.7.x, 1.6.x, and could work even on 1.2.x-1.5.x.

    I'll be glad to accept your Pull Requests with bugfixes, new features and translations to your native language.

    This plugin utilizes Hidendra's plugin metrics system, which means that the some information about your environment is collected and sent to You can disable this by setting <server dir>/plugins/rscMessages/config.yml/settings.use-metrics to false.
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    Good Job, I really like the mySQL support! Everything works like charm! Hope you read my suggestion later. :)
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    please add clips placeholder api support
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