rscPermissions — Extremely powerful permissions v0.10.7b

Incredible permission manager for multiserver environments!

  1. Reality_SC
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    rscPermissions is a Bukkit superperms-compatible plugin designed specially for multiserver environments with a number of impressive and unique features:
    • Permissions for multiple servers are stored in one set of MySQL tables: entities, permissions, inheritance.
    • Inheritance: users can be members of multiple groups, groups can have any number of parent groups (sorted by priority column first, then alphabetically).
    • Permissions and inheritance are optionally conditional. Conditions include: destination, lifetime and player's expirience level. Destination consists of three optional elements: serverId, world name and WorldGuard's region id.
    • Group prototyping. Example: give abstract permission herochat.speak.? to group Citizens and add player to group Citizens.MyTown. Player will be able to speak in channel MyTown (thought having herochat.speak.MyTown permission). Inheritance of one group from another using prototyping is also possible.
    • Optional asterisk permission is realized as giving/withdrawing server operator status. Bukkit's behavior allows to prevent OP's from using some commands (or actions) with explicit setting some permissions to false.
    • Prefixes and suffixes for groups and users, including some kind of placeholders (group instantiator, parent group prefix, etc.).
    • Customizable maintenance modes (look into config.yml/settings.maintenances).
    • Customizable slot limits for joining server when a few slots are free (look into config.yml/settings.slot-limits).
    • Simplicity of the database tables — the ease of integration with your web-server.
    • The development is aimed to support latest server version, but the plugin does only limited number of calls to Bukkit API so it should be compatible with servers from 1.2.x up to 1.8+.
    To start you need at least Java 7, MySQL server, Vault (optional but strongly recommended) and WorldGuard/Residence (optional) (if you want to use region-specific permissions).

    For russian-speaking users: plugin's page @

    Source code and development builds
    of this project can be acquired here and here, respectively. Here is the old page at

    Planned features
    • Importers from other permission managing plugins.
    • Support for other plugins that manage areas or regions.
    This plugin utilizes Hidendra's plugin metrics system, which means that the some information about your environment is collected and sent to You can disable this by setting <server dir>/plugins/rscPermissions/config.yml/settings.use-metrics to false.
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