rServerInfo - Simple Plugin That Does /teamspeak , /website , /twitter and /forums! 3.0

Simple Plugin That Does /teamspeak , /website , /twitter and /forums!

  1. MGPro
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
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    Hello, This plugin is for servers that want a /teamspeak command that shows there teamspeak and a /website command for your website and /discord to show your discord! If you want me to add anything else i will happy add it! Also this is my first ever plugin so i am trying to get some vouches! Thanks!

    • Teamspeak command to show your teamspeak
    • Website command to show your website
    • Discord command to show your discord
    • Twitter command to show your twitter
    • Forums command to show your server forums
    • Able to disable a command and enable it again!
    • Able to reload the configuration in game!
    Code (Text):

    #This is what the message says when you type the command!

    Teamspeak: '&7Our &a&lTEAMSPEAK &7is &'
    Website: '&7Our &a&lWEBSITE &7is &'
    Discord: '&7Our &a&lDISCORD &7is &'
    Twitter: '&7Our &a&lTWITTER &7is &'
    Forums: '&7Our &a&lFORUMS &7is &'

    #This is to disable a command and enable it!
    #Just put true for enabled And false for disabled!

    Teamspeak_command: 'true'
    Website_command: 'true'
    Discord_command: 'true'
    Twitter_command: 'true'
    Forums_command: 'true'
    • rServerInfo - Shows the plugins commands
    • rServerInfo Reload - reloads the config!
    • rServerInfo.reload

    Featured Servers: (Contact me to be added)
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    Version: 1.8
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