rTerminal cPanel – Minecraft Webpanel 6.7

Ever felt like the server control panel provided by your server host isn't working well?

  1. DevonCasper
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    Source Code:
    rTerminal cPanel – A plugin based web panel for Bukkit
    This plugin works to provide you a web based panel to use for your server.
    It features your usual console, the command line, and web based file management.
    The command line feature is exactly that, direct access to the machine the server is running on.
    It does not require an open port for any of this to work, how could this be?
    This uses a proxy to bypass the requirement for an open port to use the panel.
    It is not the kind of proxy you are thinking of either, and it requires no system configuration.
    We are hosting a proxy that the plugin connects to, it functions as the middle man.
    When you connect to the panel through the web browser, the proxy establishes the connection.
    This is a never before seen solution for a plugin based panel in the history of Minecraft server hosting.

    We take no responsibility for any damage caused by people using this plugin.
    It is entirely possible for this plugin to be used for malicious acts by rouge staff.
    Abusive use of this plugin may void any applicable warranty you have in place.
    It is also possible that using this plugin may break your Terms of Service.
    This was not against terms on this host until a user tried using it. This user who shall not be named inexplicitly led to our plugin being made against terms on their host, but his actions also led to them blocking all outgoing connections which prevents this plugin from working whatsoever on their host. This is a prime example of why you should not try to cause intellectual property damage using a plugin like this that allows you to execute bash commands on their machines, because it can lead to actions like this being taken to make the plugin banned going forward.[​IMG]


    This plugin provides a wide range of features that are hard to come by anywhere else.
    To name our most impressive feature, being able to use FTP without an open port.
    Second to that, we got an entire web based panel to work without an open port.
    You are not asking for our main features though, you want to know all.
    It is for that reason that we have compiled this list of viable features.
    • Passive and active mode file management with no open port
    • Always online web panel served through a CDN for high speed with no open port
    • Remote console, similar to that of a screen but with colour formatting
    • Command line access from the same place as your console, no we are not kidding
    • To continue the previous point, you can also execute command line from in-game
    • Console and command line buffer just like the one you would have in a terminal
    • User management made simple, with passwords encrypted for security
    • To continue the previous point, you can also control what each user can access on the panel
    • Live statistics about your server, again accessible in the same place as your console
    • If java is made available in $PATH, you can remote start from the panel
    • Full end-to-end encryption between your browser and the panel
    • Staff are made aware in console when someone connects to and uses the panel
    • For your convenience, we have made a mobile app so you can use this panel from your phone

    For your convenience we have provided the following screenshots of the updated panel.
    These screenshots are provided for demonstration purposes only and the panel might have changed since.
    Please consider trying the plugin instead of using these screenshots as a sole means of comprehension.

    Screenshot 1 – Login Page

    Screenshot 2 – Dashboard

    Screenshot 3 – Console

    Screenshot 4 – Terminal

    Screenshot 5 – File Manager


    Install the plugin on your server and make sure it's connected by typing /cpanel check.
    If it failed to connect, make sure late-bind is disabled in your spigot.yml.
    However, if it is still fails to connect, your host may be blocking this plugin.
    You need to add an exception through your firewall for outgoing connections on port 2083.
    Type /cpanel user add (name) (password) to create a new user with your desired name and password.
    Folow the instructions in the next section to make sure everything is the way you want it.


    Connect to https://rterminal.devon.com.de in your web browser and wait for the page to load
    You will be asked for a server address, enter the address provided to you when you type /cpanel on your server
    You will then be asked for a username, type the name of the user you created earlier here
    After that you will be asked for a password, type the password of the user you created earlier here
    After entering all the information into the text boxes provided to you the webpage, click "Login"
    Finally, if all went well, you will then be connected through the proxy to your Minecraft server

    Would like to connect to the ftp server without using our web file management?
    If so please read the following information because it is straight forward if everything else is working.​
    Code (Text):
    address: ftp.devon.com.de
    username: < the address you get when you type /cpanel >
    password: < your username > . < your password >
    port: 2121
    If you find that hard to comprehend, please use the following example as a guide.
    Code (Text):
    address: ftp.devon.com.de
    password: admin.password
    port: 2121
    You see that the ftp username is your address you get when you type /cpanel.
    In this example the username that is normally used to login to the panel was admin.
    To continue, the password that is normally used to login to the panel was password.
    Make sure you change the port to 2121, the default is 21 on most ftp applications.



    /cpanel help - Displays a listing equal or close to this copy
    /cpanel ban (ip) - Attempts to ban the IP from the server
    /cpanel pardon (ip) - Attempts to remove the IP from banned clients
    /cpanel kick (id) - Attempts to kick the specified client from the server
    /cpanel check - Attempts to check if the server is running or not
    /cpanel toggle - Attempts to toggle the online state of the server
    /cpanel reload [address] - Attempts to reload the legacy configuration file
    /cpanel list [/a] - Attempts to list the connected clients on the server
    /cpanel execute (cmd) - Attempts to execute a command through the command line
    /cpanel user - Displays a listing of valid subcommands to the command​

Recent Reviews

  1. Creperland59
    Version: 6.7
    English -
    Hello again, could you add some way to use the console on a website? Like www.mywebsite.com/panel

    Español -
    Hola de nuevo, podrias añadir algun modo para poder usar la consola en una web ? Como www.mywebsite.com/panel
    1. DevonCasper
      Author's Response
      - ES -
      Investigaré esto y me pondré en contacto con usted cuando encuentre una solución para esto, y gracias por su sugerencia.

      - EN -
      I will look into this and get back to you when I come up with a solution to this, and thank you for your suggestion.
  2. LuckyPlayz01_
    Version: 6.7
    Oh my! I really have stopped paying attention to this project for a while, and look how far it has come! I love the new web file management, and the fact that the bugs were fixed. This project just keeps on getting better and better, thank you for this wonderful plugin to manage my server.
    1. DevonCasper
      Author's Response
      Yes the project has come quite far, and thank you for sticking with us through it all. If you have any suggestions for the project, please let me know in private message or under discussion. Thanks.
  3. Todo56
    Version: 6.5
    Awesome! I have been looking for this for ages and it works perfectly. It would be nice if you could repeat commands very quick using the up arrow though.
    1. DevonCasper
      Author's Response
      I have since added console and command line buffer as you requested, enjoy. Thank you very much for this suggestion, it is greatly appreciated.
  4. Creperland59
    Version: 6.3
    Español! xd -
    Muchas gracias! :D Un buen plugin para poder manejar el servidor!

    English! xd -
    Thank you! : D A good plugin to manage the server!
    1. DevonCasper
      Author's Response
      - ES -
      De nada, por favor hágamelo saber en un mensaje privado o en discusión si tiene alguna idea para futuras funciones viables dado el protocolo.

      - EN -
      You are kindly welcome, please let me know in private message or under discussion if you have any ideas for viable future features given the protocol.
  5. limjianhui789
    Version: 5.0b
    I hope can support remote start up server ... remote start up server not working now...

    Sending remote start signal to IP: 139.XX.XX.28..
    Sorry, but this operation cannot be completed at this time.

    I hope your web management can support File manager too ...
    1. DevonCasper
      Author's Response
      The newest release of this plugin fixes remote start, thank you kindly for your patience regarding this issue. The new release also adds a web file manager that works out of the box with no extra setup required, enjoy.
  6. Drakunovu
    Version: 5.0b
    - ES -
    Buen plugin, excelente para mi servidor, he estado usando el Open Game Panel ya como mi panel pero no me deja cambiar el .JAR en el OGP, ahora en este sí!

    - EN -
    Good plugin, excellent to my server, i was using the Open Game Panel, but i have a problem in the OGP, i can't change .JAR, in this panel YES!
    1. DevonCasper
      Author's Response
      I appreciate the kind words, and I hope you continue to use this panel. The newest release has made this panel even easier to use, enjoy.
  7. werasik2aa
    Version: 5.0b
    Not working...Always says connecting and do nothink.What to do?Or it's your bug ?Please fix it!In winter works fine,but today not work and back days)(Sorry for english)
    1. DevonCasper
      Author's Response
      Try now, if it's still not working then your host is like many other hosts now that has started blocking outgoing connections to the panel.
  8. Strovo
    Version: 5.0a
    excellent contribution, how can I change the port that shows me by default? because that port that takes is already being used
    1. DevonCasper
      Author's Response
      If you used this plugin previously before this update, make sure you delete the config and let it regen on next startup. Then you will have a config option to change the port for the ftp server.
  9. benny_xvx
    Version: 4.9
    Really good plugin, one of the best free control panels I've used. Howver I shed that it had some kind of ftp or plugin editor so my friends can edit the plugins and add new ones but apart from that its really good
    1. DevonCasper
      Author's Response
      I Agree! Lowkey working on a major overhaul of this plugin, that will really benefit all server owners in every way. This new rewrite will include an ftp and more!
  10. tyrael
    Version: 4.9
    My problem is solved thank you this plugin is amazing i think he is a best for terminal plugins <3
    1. DevonCasper
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your review, let me know if you have any ideas for further updates to the project. I have plans to implement a file manager, plugin manager, and world manager.