RTP 0.1.0

A wild plugin. What else did ya expect?

  1. RedNyanCat
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Source Code:
    RedNyanCat, ItsLordVamp
    A wild plugin. What else do you expect?

    To enable the countdown you need to access the config and set it to true.

    Almost 100% customization too!

    REQUIRES THE LATEST [Semi] UseLess API! https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/semi-useless-api.48045/

    /wild [player] [-s]
    /random [player] [-s]
    /rtp [player] [-s]

    rtp.tp - allows access to the /wild without the [player] or [-s].
    rtp.tp.other - allows access to the full power of the command!
    rtp.notify - get notified when someone else forcefully tps someone else.

    x: 100 - how far out in the x direction from the player
    y: 100 - how far out in the y direction from the player
    z: 100 - how far out in the z direction from the player

    countdown: true - Needs to be enabled for the timer to work
    timer: 3 - timer countdown time

    msgs: - Valid placeholders; %sender% (The sender of the command) and %target% (The target of the command).
    noPerm: " &4&lInsufficient permissions."
    unknownCmd: " You need to be a player to teleport yourself! try /wild [player] [-s]!"
    forceWild: "&2 %sender% &3&lteleported&2 you &3&lagainst your will!"
    notifyWild: "&2 %sender% &3&lteleported&2 %target% &3&lagainst their will!"
    senderMsg: " &3&lTeleported&2 %target% &3against their will!"
    tpMsg: " &3Teleported!"