RTwoM v0.0.1 -- Rest2Minecraft Plugin RTwoM 0.0.2

excecute Spigot API calls via REST

  1. samseven
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    • 1.16
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    This is my first Spigot Plugin and its in a very early state. But I hope to get some feedback from you. This description is mainly taken from the https://github.com/FX7/RTwoM/blob/main/README.md

    So, here we go ...

    This is a Spigot/Paper plugin, which will offer access to the Bukkit API via REST calls.

    For example you can get the last location of player steve via the simple curl call:

    curl -H "App-Name: testApp" -H "App-Key: 1234-abcd" -X GET "http://localhost:8080/rest/v1/player/steve/getLastLocation"

    I didnt find a plugin which offers the ability to make REST calls against the Bukkit API, but even if there is such plugin out there, RTwoM has two very interesting unique features:

    • access control : Not only the app itself must have a valid access token, it is also possible to define which world the app can access and which player. In the future it may be possible to differ between read (eg getLocation) and write (eg setLocation) access and maybe also define coordinates for world access.
    • atomic access and scripting : Each single REST call will try to be as small in its function as possible. Single Bukkit API methods should be represented in a single REST call. That said you may think this will lead to a heavy traffic while applying complex actions. But therefore this plugin offers the possibility to define scripts. With a script you can define a bunch of single REST calls, which will be then be accessable as one new REST call.
    A friend of mine had the idea to provide a Andorid app, which would interact with a Spigot/Paper server, while he is moving around in the reald world. The use case he had in mind was, to motivate his childs for a walk, because at the end of the way, there will be some rare items as reward.

    Status quo
    The plugin is in very early pre alpha state ;-) So there is a basic access control, few atomic REST calls and on example script.

    Way ahead
    So many things todo, but the main effort will go to:

    • improve the documentation ;-)
    • create more atomic REST methods
    • command handling for giving / removing access of an app
    • REST possibility for gaining access
    • more / better access control (read/write access, coordinates ...)
    For example config and calls please take a look at https://github.com/FX7/RTwoM/blob/main/README.md#examples

    Looking forward for your feedback!