Rugged Trails 0.4.1

The paths traveled more often will show wear and tear.

  1. Added a permission.

    Users now have the option to deny users the ability to create trails by negating the permission ruggedtrails.trail
  2. The all new Version 0.4!

    PREFACE: The config needs to be completly deleted and regenerated for this update to take full effect.

    Version 0.4

    So, whats in this new release of RuggedTrails?
    1. Configurable Degradation Paths
      • Basically, you can change what block turns into another
      • Read about it here
    2. Mud is now...
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  3. Paths and a config.

    Due to popular request, I have added the new (ish) path block.

    Also, I have added a config so that users can disable this feature and change the probability of a block degrading.

    It should be noted that a known bug infects the new path system. You can read about that here on GitHub.
  4. Needed to remove a debugging message

    The console no longer get's spammed
  5. Jumping? No problem!

    Now players can sprint jump and make paths.

    With the all new update to RuggedTrails, players who decide to spice up their run with a hop can still create paths.

    Also, no more of that spinning non-sense. Players must walk or run to create paths now...