Ruins Loot 2.0

Auto-refilling loot chests!

  1. All the promised features finally added!

    All the features promised from the beginning have finally been added! This update brings random chest spawning, an edit GUI to add items with any amount of enchantments/special magic on them. Not as fun, but still really cool, added support for dynamic config reloading.
  2. Chest reloading across world!

    Chest are now found in the opposite direction, starting from the file and checking the block at each location. Much faster than checking every chest in each loaded chunk. Plugin now refills chests across the server instead of only in loaded chunks.
  3. Minor Bug Fixes

    Fixed 'players can't break blocks without ruinsloot.chest' and config resetting bugs.
  4. Complete Refactor

    Refactored and re-coded the whole plugin. All previous bugs have been fixed, cleaned the config file, chests now keep their name when placed, fixed persistence issues.

    Yet To Be Done:
    • In-game editing
    • Plain-text config support
    • Economy support
  5. HOTFIX: fixed last hotfix

    all command types have been reverted and cleaned
    new command added for easier access /lootchest help

    Fixed the "ArrayOutOfBoundsIndex" error causing commands to break
  7. Fixed dupe bug and added custom name support.

    Fixed duplication bug, chests are now keyed separate from the name. Thanks to previous statement custom names are now supported. Fixed chest fill event to call every time an existing chunk is re-loaded but only after waiting to prevent players from spamming items.

    Known bugs:
    • chests only load facing one direction, if a placed chest is facing a different direction it loses it's name.
    • console says chests are loaded on server start, but no chests are...