Rules Agree (with multiverse support for Rules World) 2.1.1

Force users to agree to your rules before being able to do anything

  1. pomtom44
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    This plugin was either made for my own server, or a friends server
    There may be some bugs if your run it on your server as I havn’t tested compatibility with other plugins or other server setups
    Before giving this plugin a bad rating, or not using it, why not send me a support message as then I can fix the bug and may fix it for other people who have the same problem.

    For the latest version and information about this plugin, I recommend checking out my site which I keep the most up to date


    A basic rules agreement plugin which stops players from doing things on your server until they agree to the rules.

    Designed to be used with a multi world plugin, such as multiverse, however can work on a single world as well.


    Features include:
    Stop Movement
    Stop Talking / Receiving messages
    Stop All commands
    Stop interaction
    Make player invisible until rules agreed
    No notifying players about joining till rules agreed
    Reset players “agreement” if you change the rules later on, so they have to re-agree to them
    Track players last location so it can send it back to where they were once they re-agree to the rules
    Rules pages for after the user agrees, so they can re-check what the rules are
    Bypass permissions for admins

    RulesAgree.override = Bypass the rules checking process for player

    RulesAgree.ResetPlayer = Allow the player to reset a single player
    RulesAgree.ResetAll = Allow the player to reset all players
    RulesAgree.Reload = Allow the player to reload the config

    = Notify the player when there is a update (OP gets update by default)
    /confirm = Confirm the rule page the player in on
    /rules = List the rules after the player has agreed to them

    /RulesAdmin ResetPlayer [PlayerName] = reset player
    /RulesAdmin ResetAll = Reset all players

    /RulesAdmin Reload = Reload from config

    Sample Player Interaction


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