Rules 1.5

Set the rules for your server!

  1. Bear53
    What does this plugin do?
    This plugin allows the owner to set the rules for the server for the players to be able to read.

    - Has unlimited completely custom rules for you to edit and play with!
    - Supports color codes
    - Custom permission for command
    - Unlimited command aliases for the main rules command

    Code (Text):
    #          Rules          #
    #        By Bear53        #

    #The permission to use the /rules command
    rulesPermission: rules.view

    #Rules Header, the first message sent to the player
    rulesHeader: '&eServer Rules'

    #The no permission message sent to the player if they don't have permission
    noPermission: '&cYou do not have permission to do this!'

    #The message sent to the console when they use the command
    consolePermission: You must be a player to use this command!

    #The rules
    - '&e1. &aNo Swearing'
    - '&e2. &aNo Cheating'
    - '&e3. &aNo Racism'

    #The command aliases
    - rules
    - laws
    - serverrules

    # End of config
    How to install & use:
    Download the plugin Rules.jar
    Drag or upload the Rules.jar into your severs plugins folder
    Reload or restart your server
    Edit the config with the messages you want!

    Any Bugs or Issues?
    Please leave in discussion or send me a message!

    Thanks! Bear53

Recent Reviews

  1. oscarisknap
    Version: 1.5
    Srry vor inglish. stu[pid plugin does only work in chat no gui and crashed my entire server. MY SERVER CAN'T GO ONLY BECAUSE OF THIS so thanks
  2. Kektical
    Version: 1.5
    could you add pages?
    because in my server, there are really much rules and this is creating a big text.
    It would be easier to read with multiple pages.

    Ty :)
  3. RNC
    Version: 1.5
    I love this resource but there are a few issues I would like to speak about here, 1) You need a perm that prevents the 'do /rules' form appearing, 2) Your login 'do /rules' is broken and, 3) You need a footer for the rules.

    Other than those three Issues I found this a great and working resource for my 1.11.2 server.
  4. TheGamingMoons
    Version: 1.5
    Good coding! Helped a lot! Thnx m8 very good work! :) GG on this!
    Thnx for doing this for people. Thx
  5. Rexzy9
    Version: 1.5
    Ok, still wont allowed me to edit config, but I do Like the new config, let me post my config file,
    # Rules #
    # By Bear53 #
    rulesPermission: rules.view
    joinMessage: '&bType /laws to view the server rules!'
    rulesHeader: '&eLaws'
    noPermission: '&cYou do not have permission to do this!'
    consolePermission: You must be a player to use this command!
    - '&cLaws'
    - '&e1. Don't Murder'
    - '&e2. Don't Assault'
    - '&e3. Don't Steal'
    - '&e4. Don't Trespass'
    - '&e5. Don't Hold Information from &1Police'
    - '&e6. Don't Fake Identity'
    - '&e7. Don't Go Up Pass the 1st Floor in the bank'
    - '&e8. Don't Do Drugs'
    - '&e9. A lot of weapons are illegal here all them all: Gauss, Airstrike, Grenade, Bazooka, The Great Intimidator, Cocopops, Carbine, Putty, Type 95, Olympia, Mini-Uzi, LMG, AK-47, Flashbang, Trinket, and Toaster'
    - '&e10. Don't Hold Weapons'
    - '&e11. Self Defense is legal'
    - '&e12. Don't Disturb The Peace'
    - '&e13. Don't Harass'
    - '&e14. Don't Jaywalk'
    - '&e15. Don't Recklessly drive'
    - '&e16. Don't Scam'
    - '&e17. Don't Forge Signatures'
    - '&e18. Don't Run Past Stop Signs'
    - '&e19. Don't Assault Animals In The City'
    - '&e20. Don't Bribe A Gov. Official'
    - '&e21. Don't Take Someone Hostage'
    - '&e22. Perversion is Illegal'
    - '&e23. It is illegal to be a Terrorist, Rebel, Criminal, Gangster, and a Drug Dealer'
    - '&e24. Don't Stalk'
    - '&e25. Don't Wear A Mask In The Bank'
    - laws
    - serverrules
    OnJoin: '&bType /rules to view the server rules!'

    I did all that, and Still Not Working, Im trying to make a RP server, but I need a /laws And everytime I do that it works just fine, but it wont edit my laws so I dont know what to do
    1. Bear53
      Author's Response
      Please PM me your skype and I will try and resolve this for you
  6. Rexzy9
    Version: 1.4
    Everytime, I try and edit the config, and reload, or restart it is still broken. I tried to change it multiple times, but it shouldn't over right essentials rules, but instead it would be /laws
    1. Bear53
      Author's Response
      Please change the rating, I have made it completely configurable and fixed that glitch, if you have any further issues PM me!
  7. SuperSniper
    Version: 1.2
    Very Simplistic And Easy To Create, But Good Overall. Nice Job!
    Would you like to code a plugin together sometime? :)
    1. Bear53
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! Sure if you want to PM me your skype it could be fun :)