Runner (Incomplete Temple Run System) 1.00

A Neat Little Temple Run Project That I Did Not Finish

  1. VirusBrandon
    Runner - Unfinished Temple Run Concept

    The ActionbarAPI which was made by another talented developer
    has been embedded as a object instead of a required dependency.

    This small plugin has 3 commands:
    /Run Start - Starts you running forward
    /Run Quit - Leave the run
    /Run setLobby - Where you return to when a game is finished

    This is a game where you run thru custom made courses in a
    straight line and use your mouse to change tracks to avoid

    Move your mouse to the left to jump over to the left, move your mouse to
    the right to jump to the right, and look up using your mouse to jump up.

    The controls don't use a single command, only movements off your mouse, since mouse events are closest thing to key listeners which can only be achieved in the Spout client.

    This plugin works but only allows you to run in one direction, so by all means anyone to wishes to take on the task of modifying this plugin into a more mature piece of work, you are all permitted to do so.

    The .java source files are all included within this plugin's jar file so dive right in a see what you all can come up with.