RunScript 0.3

Run scripts in minecraft using java syntax

  1. teozfrank

    Run scripts in Minecraft using JAVA syntax. No compiling / IDE needed from the user side!

    Based on original idea from Kyle ->

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    How does it work?

    The plugin is event based. There is a text file for each event and you add Java source code to deal with the event how you like. There is no compiling or anything, just type your JAVA source code, save and off you go!

    You have full access to the event within the text file.

    What events can I use?


    • AsyncPlayerChatEvent
    • PlayerCommandPreprocessEvent
    • PlayerDeathEvent
    • PlayerInteractEvent
    • PlayerJoinEvent
    • PlayerLoginEvent
    • PlayerMoveEvent
    • PlayerQuitEvent
    • PlayerRespawnEvent
    • PlayerKickEvent
    • PlayerPickupItemEvent
    • PlayerTeleportEvent
    • CreatureSpawnEvent
    • BlockBreakEvent
    • BlockBurnEvent
    • WeatherChangeEvent
    Full list from the API to be added soon!

    Why did you create this?

    As a tool to introduce students to Java so they do not have to use an IDE. Of course an IDE gives you alot more control, but can be overwhelming and time consuming to get started. This plugin introduces them to JAVA in a simple manor and gets them used to typing raw code, before moving on to an IDE.

    How do I get started?

    Drop the jar file into your plugins folder. it will create a folder within the plugin folder called "Events". Each text file are named according to there event type. See the examples to get it working.


    Example 1 - Stop players from breaking blocks
    The code
    Note this file has been re-named to BlockBreakEvent.txt
    blockbreak example.png

    How it looks in game

    blockbreak example2.png

    Example 2 - Send a message to a player on Joining and change the default join message

    The code
    Note this file has been re-named to PlayerJoinEvent.txt
    playerjoin example1.png

    How it looks in game
    playerjoin example2.png

    Example 3 - Strike lightning where a player dies and change the default death message

    The code
    How it looks in game


    If you add new events all I ask is that you push them upstream, thanks :)
    - MIT

    Any questions or comments feel free to leave them in the forum.

Recent Updates

  1. Added more features.
  2. Another Event added.
  3. More events added.

Recent Reviews

  1. Phoenix616
    Version: 0.2.4
    I always wanted such a plugin to test stuff without the whole plugin file and server restart hazzle but never found the time to implement it myself.
    Awesome that you took the time to do this and I am looking forward to more events to come :D