Rush4TheDragon v2 - A very simple mini-games [openSource] v2.0.2

A simple mini-games: You must kill the enderdragon as quickly as possible.

  1. DiscowZombie
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    Source Code:
    IMPORTANTE NOTE - Monday 28/08/17 : Unfortunately, my disponibility doesn't allow me to update and fix issues of this plugin. Updates will be rare, as like fixes (But the project isn't abandoned. I make updates when I get more times). Source code remains accessible and I would continue to accept "Pull Request" and commits them to the master branch. I thank, in advance, all the people who participate in the source code to make the plugin better.

    Rush4TheDragon is a simple mini-games with one objective: You need to kill the enderdragon as quickly as possible ! You can play solo, with your friends or with adversaires. The first player (or team) who kill the enderdragon is the winner !

    It's recommanded to disabled the plugin when you do not use this. You can simply disabled or enabled the plugin with a simple command (See commands section).

    -- Screenshots --

    -- Configurations --

    Code (Text):
    #Is plugin enabled ? You can also enabled/disabled her direclty ingame
    pluginEnabled: true
    #Do not change !!!
    dragon: false
    #Name of your world
      name: world
      pause: true
      timer: 0
      scoreboardName: '&eRush4TheDragon'
      ready: '&cA Rush4TheDragon is in pause... &cUse /r4td unpause to unpause the game!'
      start: '&cA Rush4TheDragon is in progress... Actual time: %time%'
      unpause: §aGame is now unpaused !
      pause: §aGame is now paused !
      unpause: §cGame is already unpaused !
      pause: §cGame is already paused !
      unpause: '%prefix% §aGame is now unpaused ! Let''s play !'
      pause: '%prefix% §aGame is now paused !'
      finish: '&a&lTHE ENDERDRAGON IS DEAD IN %time%, GG!! :D'

    -- Commands --
    • /rush4thedragon pause|unpause: You can pause or unpause the game at all moments. When the game is paused, players can't break block, drop items, etc...
    • /rush4thedragon enable|disable: Enabled or disabled the plugin.
    -- Permissions --
    • r4td.*: Gives access to all Rush4TheDragon commands ;
    • r4td.status: Allowed you to pause or unpause the game ;
    • r4td.admin: Allowed you to enabled or disabled the plugin ;
    -- Help & support --

    If you need some help, open an issues on

    Source code available:

    Don't forgot to give 5 stars if you like the plugin :D
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