Rush4TheDragon v2 - A very simple mini-games [openSource] v2.0.2

A simple mini-games: You must kill the enderdragon as quickly as possible.

  1. Bug fixes

    Bug fixes, see github for more infos.
  2. Fix bugs

    Just fix a bug with slowness effect when plugin is disabled.
  3. Massive update: Rush4TheDragon v2 !!

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  4. Big update

    The new update of Rush4TheDragon is here ! This version support Mc 1.8 to 1.11.

    Warning: This version required TitleAPI.

    If you update from version 1.2 or less, delete your config !

    What's new ?

    - Added multi-world support (You can specify the name of the world you'd like this plugin enabled. If the players are not in this world, he cannot...
  5. Update for Mc 1.11

    WARNING: Version 1.2 of the plugin REQUIRED MINECRAFT 1.11 - ONLY UPDATE IF YOU USE 1.11.

    What's new ?

    - Remove TitleAPI dependency,
    - Preparing Multiworld support,
    - Optimising code.