Rustified [1.13+] 1.1

Add game mechanics from the game Rust to minecraft!

  1. Perotin
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    • 1.13
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    1.13+ ONLY.

    What is Rust, and what exactly does this plugin do?

    > Rust is another survival game, like Minecraft, and has unique mechanics that this plugin brings over to Minecraft.

    So what are the mechanics in Rust, and why bring them to Minecraft?

    > Rust has many mechanics, currently, this plugin has Blueprints and Workbenches only. Let me explain what this is...

    For those who don't know, a blue-print is a design/layout for how to build something, think of it as a recipe to make a type of food.

    In Rust, high-tier items must first be learned via Blueprint before being crafted. Take for example a diamond sword, you need 1 stick and 2 diamonds to make. With this plugin, you would need to have learned the blueprint for a diamond sword, on top of having the necessary materials to craft it.

    Minecraft survival is pretty easy when it comes to crafting. This mechanic will make advancing in survival more difficult, and place rarity on items that must be learned before crating.

    How do I get blueprints?

    You get a blueprint by creating a Workbench. This is a different type of workbench than a crafting table. You create a workbench by placing certain blocks (configurable) next to each other along with a sign.

    There are 3 levels to workbenches, each workbench will progressively give you better and different blueprints than the other.


    From there, you click on said sign and are brought up an inventory like this:

    Screen Shot 2019-07-30 at 6.22.38 PM.png

    Workbenches take a configurable item as input to get a blue-print. Blueprints are given randomly, you will get the blueprint for an item you don't already have. From there, you right-click on a blueprint and can now craft whatever item you learned!

    You can also use /research to get a blueprint by holding an item you'd wish to learn the blueprint, running /research, and then trading said item in exchange for a blueprint of that item.

    Feature List
    • Fully configurable messages
    • Modular system with ability to configure the blocks used, the input, the amount of input, and the items that need blueprints
    • Can work without any configuration/pre-requisites

    • /blueprint - rustified.blueprint
    • /blueprint list
    • /blueprint help
    • /blueprint info
    • /research - rustified.research

    Configuration File
    Code (Text):
    # Welcome to the Rustified configuration file!
    # If you have any questions or concerns, message me on Spigot @ Perotin or discord (Perotin#3447)

    # Workbench tiers:
    # See full list of names here:
    level-1: IRON_BLOCK
    level-2: GOLD_BLOCK
    level-3: EMERALD_BLOCK

    # What item should the workbenches use for researching new items?
    level-1-item: IRON_INGOT
    level-2-item: GOLD_INGOT
    level-3-item: EMERALD

    # How many of each item should players need to use in order to get a blue print?
    level-1-amount: 15
    level-2-amount: 20
    level-3-amount: 5

    # What items can players get through using a level 1 workbench?
       - IRON_SHOVEL
       - IRON_SWORD
       - IRON_AXE
       - IRON_HELMET
       - IRON_BOOTS
       - IRON_HOE
       - BUCKET
       - BOW
       - IRON_DOOR
       - BOOK

       - HOPPER
       - TNT
       - BOOKSHELF

       - DIAMOND_AXE
       - DIAMOND_HOE

    info-gui-name: "Blueprint Information"
    More Pics

    Screen Shot 2019-07-30 at 6.28.29 PM.png
    Screen Shot 2019-07-30 at 6.28.46 PM.png
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Recent Updates

  1. Added /research, fixed a misc bug.

Recent Reviews

  1. dinoboss2001
    Version: 1.1
    1.15.x add suport bugs fixeld ???????????????????????????????????2020 ???? yes o not?
  2. Killer123451
    Version: 1.1
    nice addon to survival servers !

    i have some ideas about rust ,, maybe you can add Guns and a decent ResoucePack :D ? atach the guns with the blueprint so if i didnt learn how to make the gun i cant use it .. :D
    1. Perotin
      Author's Response
      I can't create resource-packs, but maybe QualtyArmor support can be added...? Thanks for the 5 stars :)
  3. KazMNF
    Version: 1.1
    Really amazing.
    1. Perotin
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review :)
  4. hrzn00
    Version: 1.0
    A nice addition to any mc server that wants to make survival just a bit more challenging. So far things seem to work pretty neatly. What would I want for future updates?

    - Per item price, unlocks via progression (like a skilltree, but for crafting), maybe custom nbt-tag items support so you can add custom recipes too

    :) Keep going
    1. Perotin
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! My plans for this plugin are to add more rust-related mechanics, but I can definitely add more crafting related mechanics as well.