SafeMoney 0.3.5

And finally the money are safe.

  1. Skoxus
    SafeMoney is a plugin, that allows developers to simply build a money-system on the server. API also has a built-in system economy of vault plugin. Plugin is great for servers that need a plugin on money.
    • Optimized for Spigot 1.8.
    • Easy configuration.
    • Service database (MySQL).
    • Support Java 7 and Java 8.
    • Vault support.
    • Setting its own currency.
    • Tag on the chat
    Planned Features:
    • Choice of language options
    • New commands
    • Adding system BackUp
    • Your suggestions

    Code (Text):

    #Enable or Disable database. Enable = true, Disable = false.
    mysql: true

    #The connection to the database.
    hostname: localhost
    port: 3306
    database: data
    user: root
    password: password

    #Name your currency, default: '$'.
    currency: '$'

    #Enable or Disable command. Enable = true, Disable = false.
    #Command money shows amount money player.
    money: true
    #Command setmoney adds money player.
    setmoney: true

    #Appearance tag {MONEY} inserted to the chat.
    chat-money: '&8[&7{MONEY}&8] '

    Setting money:
    Code (Text):
    int money = 0;
    SafeMoneyAPI.setMoney(player, money);
    Adding money:
    Code (Text):
    int money = 0;
    SafeMoneyAPI.addMoney(player, money);
    Getting money:
    Code (Text):
    int money = SafeMoney.getMoney(player);
    Removal money:
    Code (Text):
    int money = 0;
    SafeMoneyAPI.removeMoney(player, money);
    Create Player Account:
    Code (Text):
    Transfer money:
    Code (Text):
    SafeMoneyAPI.transferPlayer(consignor, recipient, int transfer_amount);
    Clear Data Players:
    Code (Text):