SafeTeleport 1.0

Teleport Safely

  1. Xavlios
    This plugin will randomly teleport players to a safe place. It first loads the chunk that they will be teleported to then teleports them. In the Config file you can set the max rang that it will teleport someone.

    The only permission is to reload the plugin updating the config file.
    - /safeteleport reload

    the command to use is
    - /rtp

Recent Reviews

  1. kipping1
    Version: 1.0
    the command /rtp doesnt work at all very disapointing, you should look into fix this and in resualt i will remove this rating and put a new raiting down depending if you can fix this or not
    1. Xavlios
      Author's Response
      I have had other people try this version and have no errors. can you please send me your error logs.