SafetyGuard 2.0

A simple plugin to guard your server

  1. Plugin Recoded and new feautures added

    Way to updates
    1. Backup your config.yml and lang.yml
    2. Download latest version SafetyGuard.jar
    3. Replace old with latesst version SafetyGuard.jar
    4. Remove old version file.
    5. Reload/Restart your server
    6. Copy your backup config.yml and lang.yml to new config.yml and lang.yml / Configuration config.yml and lang.yml
    - Recoded Plugin
    - Added update checker
    - Added AuthMe support
    - Added FailLogin Log
    - Added Staff AccountProtection Feautures
    - Improved System
    - Added New bypass system
    - Removed some feautures that contained in my other plugin.
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