SamB440's Reporter (Recoded) | MySQL | GUI 1.0.4

The best GUI and Text report plugin around, and it's all free!

  1. SamB440
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    Languages Supported:
    Nearly all

    What is Reporter?
    Reporter is a plugin that aims to make reporting players easier.



    • MySQL & file
    • Manage reports - open, close, delete
    • GUI-based
    • 1.8+ support
    • Supports command-based reporting
    • Command completions
    • Light-weight
    • API
    • Easy to use
    • All messages 100% configurable
    • Open source
    1. /report <player> <reason> - report a player with a specified reason
    2. /report list - or - /report reports (report.view.reports) - view reports
    3. /report list <player>
    4. /report - main command
    1. - view the announcement for a new report
    2. - make reports
    3. report.toggle - toggle report status'
    4. report.bypasslimit - allows placing multiple reports against a single player
    5. report.remove - allows removing of a report
    Code (Text):

      enabled: false
      host: localhost
      port: 3306
      database: Reporter
      username: root
      password: '123'
      variables: ?useSSL=false&autoReconnect=true
    Translation file (en_gb)
    Code (Text):

    cannot_report_self: '&cYou cannot report yourself!'
    no_reason: '&c&oPlease enter a reason.'
    no_permission: '&cI''m sorry, but you do not have permission to perform this command.
      Please contact the server administrators if you believe that this is in error.'
    report_entry: '&bAdding an entry under the name: &3%0'
    new_report: '&4&o%0 &chas submitted a new report against &4&o%1&c: &b&o%2'
    player_does_not_exist: '&cThat player does not exist.'
    already_reported: '&cYou already have an open report against that player.'
    report_chat_prompt: '&aEnter your report reason in chat. &cSay ''cancel'' to cancel
      the report.'
    report_cancelled: '&cYou have cancelled your report.'


    The API and its documentation are currently WIP (Work In Progress).

    Get all report entries
    To get the report entries, use:
    Code (Text):
    You can now use the ReportEntry class. Make sure to use #saveEntry to save any changes you make. This class can also be instantiated to make a new report entry.

    The review section is not a place to report bugs. You will get NO support if you leave a review because of a bug.

Recent Updates

  1. Reporter 1.0.4
  2. Reporter 1.0.3
  3. Reporter 1.0.2

Recent Reviews

  1. t_dash
    Version: 1.0.2
    Great plugin I talked with the dev and he was able to make changes very fast! Cannot wate for more plugins!
    1. SamB440
      Author's Response
      Thank you, also make sure to re-download the update as I just changed the jar due to a mistake in the code.
  2. GlitchedExploit
    Version: 6.0.0
    Hi, nub. (hehe) your plugin is doing pretty well. :D

    If you still have your server, could I have the IP I lost it D;
    1. SamB440
      Author's Response - I'm working on it though
  3. lss233
    Version: 5.9.9
    This is a really great plugin.
    I love it very much!
    Keep up the great work.

    By the way,may I reproduce it to MCBBS forum?
    1. SamB440
      Author's Response

      And sure, just give credit to me.
  4. Vexorithis1
    Version: 5.9.9
    I'm only rating because I know you :P
    Anyways, good luck to your future server. Hopefully it does better than your last! :)

    - GlitchedExploit
    1. SamB440
  5. helptiger
    Version: 5.9.9
    SamB440, excellent work! Thanks for your great support and endurance!

    If you search for a good report plugin with GUI and MySQL – here it is!
    1. SamB440
      Author's Response
      Thanks helptiger ;)
  6. TechGuyYT
    Version: 5.9.9
    Love it! Great report plugin, and best of all, it supports MySQL! It's on my server (It will be opened soon!)
    1. SamB440
      Author's Response
      Thanks! Added to desc :)
  7. peeps4321
    Version: 5.9.2
    This is a really great plugin!!! It's also great to see that it gets regular updates. Can't really fault it. Keep up the great work!
    1. SamB440
      Author's Response
      Thanks very much!
  8. Een_noob
    Version: 5.9
    1. SamB440
      Author's Response
      Adding to desc :)
  9. NonStopGamePlay
    Version: 5.7
    Nice but add 1.11 support!

    1. SamB440
      Author's Response
      Should work with 1.11 already. Haven't tested. PM me if there are errors.
  10. Flanders
    Version: 4.3
    Nice Plugin but pls add mysql (Bungeecord)

    1. SamB440
      Author's Response
      Being added next update!