SameSkin 1.3

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    This plugin features:

    ► Fancy Messages
    ► Commands

    Important Information: The plugin may have a few bugs, It's still in the BETA stage. :)

    Some tips for setting the skins and stuff:
    » For setting a skin for the whole server all you have to type is
    "/sameskin enable" then type "/sameskin set <player name>" and finaly type "/sameskin reload"

    Use /sameskin reload - Reload the the skins
    Use /sameskin set <player name> - Set the skin of the server
    Use /sameskin <enable|disable> - Enable or Disable the plugin (It's disabled by default :p)

    ► UUID Support (I don't remember if I added so I am gonna say I didn't)

    Bugs, Suggestions, Compliments? Post a ticket :)
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