SaneEconomy | Simple but featureful economy 0.17.0

Finally, a sane economy plugin for Spigot.

  1. AppleDash
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    Source Code:
    Important note: Versions older than one major version old are not supported, and will most likely break very spectacularly if you ever attempt to update them. Please update to the latest version as soon as it comes out. Example: 0.9.x->0.10.x should be OK, but 0.8.x->0.10.x will probably not work.

    SaneEconomy is a lightweight economy plugin for Spigot 1.8+. It supports custom currency names & formats, starting balances, players paying each other, showing top players by balance, and admins giving/taking money to/from players. It can store its data in MySQL or a JSON flatfile. Note: JSON database backend is very unreliable if your server crashes. Use MySQL if you consider this an issue.

    You can simply drop the plugin into your plugins folder and go, but I would recommend reading the wiki (link found below) and tweaking any configuration options and adding any permissions you might wish.

    I was looking for an economy plugin for a server I administrate, and I noticed something quite strange.

    All of the plugins are years outdated, built against Bukkit API versions as old as Minecraft 1.2.4, and often have loads of bug reports, both in the comments on BukkitDev/SpigotMC, and on GitHub, all with no response from the developer!

    I decided that it was time for a change. I wanted a working, updated economy plugin for Bukkit, built against the latest API. So I wrote one myself, and have committed to maintaining it as long as I'm able.

    SaneEconomy is that plugin. It hooks into Vault, so it acts as an economy provider for all of your favorite plugins that take/give money from/to players. It's nothing more than that, just a lightweight but still featureful economy provider.

    SaneEconomy does not support online-mode=false servers unless they are behind BungeeCord with IP forwarding.

    Configuration and command/permission information can be found on the wiki.

    Source code is available on the GitHub page.

    Any bugs or feature requests should be filed on the GitHub issue tracker.

    This plugin requires Java 8 in order to run.

    Help, why is...
    The JAR so big?
    I package the HikariCP library for better MySQL connection pooling, and I package SLF4J which HikariCP depends on. The plugin is still as lightweight as ever.

    There a warning in the console about SLF4J?
    This is expected and safe to ignore, and a fault of HikariCP. I have no way to disable it.

    My money being reset to 0 when it goes over 1000?
    I have no idea. There is a workaround here: . This happens only in Spanish-speaking locales. I welcome contributions to the issue thread or a pull request that fixes it c:

    Servers that use SaneEconomy - PM me to be added:
    PoniArcade - (Survival server) -
    TEGCRAFT - -
    AtomicCraft - -
    Vestlandet - -

    Reviews are not bug reports. Please file an issue on GitHub.

    Les avis ne sont pas des rapports de bogues. S'il vous plaît déposer un problème sur GitHub.

    Rezensionen sind keine Fehlerberichte. Bitte senden Sie ein Problem auf GitHub.

    Criticas no son para reportes de problemas tecnicos. Por favor, presente un problema en GitHub.
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Recent Reviews

  1. xiongliu
    Version: 0.17.0
    Awesome plugin! Never had any issues with it whatsoever. Amazing Developer. keep at it!
  2. NaJated
    Version: 0.17.0
    Truly dreadful - this plugin is nothing but the result of poor development.

    This plugin has left me with economy dataloss a multitude of times. I've investigated the stack-traces that I'm constantly met with in the console and it's down to sloppy and unsafe programming.

    Do not use this plugin unless you want to be susceptable to breaking changes and data-loss. Horrific and I urge anyone who is a server owner or involved in a servers operations to AVOID this horrific plugin.

    Furthermore, this plugin doesn't cope with hard reboots, potential DDoS attacks or DoS attacks. If your dedicated server is rebooted (with intention or not), then you will suffer dataloss.


    I've also noticed that the developer has called someone stupid for reviewing based on this issue for not raising a github issue. I've raised a github issue and NOTHING has stemmed from that - inactive developer who should look at how to write safe code for production environments. Sort it out bud.
  3. feystorm
    Version: 0.17.0
    Simple and effective plugin. Does what I need, without feature bloat. Works fine on 1.16 as well (hasn't been updated yet and only advertises 1.15).
  4. TheHytapZEngine
    Version: 0.17.0
    support 1.16????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  5. AliowGT
    Version: 0.17.0
    How I Add Money In Scoreboard I Try With {money} And {balance} And Cant Pls Help (I Use AnimatedScoreboard)
  6. Killerate953
    Version: 0.17.0
    Really good plugin, have been using this for years now and it never let me down. I hope the author keeps updating and maintaining this plugin!
  7. Dawnzide
    Version: 0.17.0
    The plugin itself is good and reliable. The one major complaint I have is that configuring the messages in this plugin is time consuming and lacks documentation. After reading the instructions I had to restart my server 10-15 times just to figure out the proper format. If this was improved this plugin would for sure be 5/5.
    1. AppleDash
      Author's Response
      Feel free to contact me with information on how to improve it. There is a giant comment at the top of the relevant file with exact instructions on how to use it.
  8. Patto173
    Version: 0.16.0
    Rating because of bug (sorry)-My money being reset to 0 when it goes over 1000, when be fixed i'll change this rate to 5 stars:)
  9. skPTR
    Version: 0.16.0
    Nice plugin. Works really well! This plugin can go really nicely with some servers.
  10. Dor1toz
    Version: 0.15.0
    Your plugin is very good, would you add how to translate command syntax, like /pay to / pagar?