SaneEconomy | Simple but featureful economy 0.13.1

Finally, a sane economy plugin for Spigot.

  1. SaneEconomyCore 0.13.1 - More bugfixes

    • Try to fix some bugs with cross-server syncing and /baltop.
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  2. SaneEconomy 0.13.0 - Multiserver sync (maybe), baltop NullPointer fix, other stuff.

    Might fix:
    • NullPointerException in /baltop
    • Lack of translations file
    • Experimental multiserver sync support
    • I don't even know anymore. Maybe it's broken, maybe it works.
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  3. SaneEconomy 0.12.7 - Fix the version checker.

    I'm sorry. It works now.
  4. SaneEconomy 0.12.6 - Some more fixes etc!

    - Remove a duplicate key from messages.yml
    - Colored balance format support
    - Only log database transactions of debug=true
    - Fix new MySQL installations
    - Add permission to hide yourself from baltop.
    - Improve version checker.
    - Add locale-override config option
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  5. SaneEconomy 0.12.3 - Bug fixes & small code overhaul.

    This release brings hopeful support for hanging MySQL flushes, along with support for the so far undocumented SaneEconomyTransactionEvent. There's also been a bit of a code overhaul so that my future plugins will easily be able to share commonly-reused code.
  6. SaneEconomy 0.11.0 - 1.12 + a couple new config options and some small fixes.

    - Hopefully fix issues with many transactions (eg: vote rewards) happening at once.
    - Support for new `balance-format` configuration option.
    - Support for `useSsl` configuration option - defaults to off
    - Only show players in /baltop
    - Build against 1.12.
    - Make default messages.yml more clear.
  7. SaneEconomy 0.10.6 - One day I will learn.

    Yet another release that does nothing but fix the update checker incorrectly notifying of updates.
  8. SaneEconomy 0.10.5 - Implement json backend, translation fixes, server account.

    Implements the json backend type.
    Fixes some missing translations.
    Adds support for a "server" account which has infinite balance.
  9. SaneEconomy 0.10.4 - Better MySQL, I hope!

    Try and fix server crashes with MySQL that I introduced somewhere in 0.10.x :)

    Sorry for the plugin's instability lately, I'm trying my best!
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  10. SaneEconomy 0.10.3 - Another release whose only purpose is to fix the update checker.

    Another release whose only purpose is to fix the update checker.
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