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  1. Senneistheboss
    [By Senneistheboss]
    Hello guys if created somthing for x-mas just its simple just join the server and get santa's clothes with head and get a particle and a message that you can change into the config
    SantaMessage: '&4[&cS&fa&cn&ft&ca&4]&c&n&lWelcome %player% look at your clothes&c&l.'
    + new noperm message
    NoPermMessage: '&c&lYou do not have permissions to be a x-mas fan'

    This is what in the config

    /Santa With permission santa.use
    /Santa-tree with permission santa.use.tree
    /santa-snowman with permission santa.use.snowman
    /santa-red with permission
    You wil get a cloud particle but in the next update you can change the particle

    Use %player% to get the players name

    PS in the following updates im gonna add a perm for donator or mod or helper or admin or owner

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