Satchels (Backpacks) 0.1.0

Simple customizable and craftable backpacks.

  1. Tommsy64
    Satchels is a simple backpack plugin for Spigot. It allows the creation and use of backpacks ingame without any client side modifications.

    How is Satchels different from other backpack plugins?

    Satchels stores all backpack data in the item itself using NBTTags! No databases or separate flatfile data stores. All NBTTags are encrypted using an RC5 cipher. A key is generated on the first load automatically.

    WARNING: Changing this key will invalidate all backpacks created with that key. For this reason, there should be a backup of the key! I am not responsible for any loss of data.

    • Custom Recipes - Custom crafting recipes for each backpack.
    • Custom Size - Specify the amount of rows in each backpack.
    • Custom Name/Lore - Specify the name and lore for each backpack item.
    • Permissions - Custom permissions to use and craft backpacks.
    • Custom Backpack Item - Specify the item to use for each backpack.
    • Data Encryption - All stored NBTTags are encrypted with a RC5 cipher to prevent client-side modification of items.
    • Inventory Cache - Cache Inventory objects in memory.
    • /satchel help - Shows help message.
    • /satchel reload - Completely reloads the plugin.
    • /satchel clearcache - Clears the inventory cache.
    • satchels.* - Access to all Satchels commands.
    • satchels.reload - Access to the Satchels reload command.
    • - Access to the Satchels help command (and tab completion).
    • satchels.clearCache - Access to the Satchels clearcache command.
    • satchels.craft.<bag-id> - Allows a player to craft the specified bag
    • satchels.use.<bag-id> - Allows a player to use the specified bag
    2015-11-29_15.39.32.png 2015-11-29_15.40.39.png

    Java version 8 is required for Satchels.
    Otherwise, simply drop the jar file into the Spigot plugins folder.

    Code (Text):
      # The ID used in permissions.
        # The item to use for the bag.
        item: Leather
        # The name of the item.
        item-name: "&rSmall Satchel"
        # The lore for the item.
        - "&c9 Slot Satchel"
        - "LORE. 2nd Line"
        - "3rd line"
          # Whether or not the recipe is shaped
          shaped: true
          # Define what Item each character will correspond to.
            L: Leather
            W: Wool
          - LLL
          - LWL
          - LLL
        # The amount of rows in the backpack. Values greater than 6 will cause GUI glitches for the client.
        rows: 1
        # The text to display in the top right of the inventory when the bag is open.
        title: "Small Satchel"
        # Whether or not to check for permissions for this bag.
        check-permission: false

    # Shapeless Recipe Example
          shaped: false
          # Items in shapeless recipe
            - Leather
            - Wool

    # How often to clear the cache in seconds.
    cache-clear-interval: 1800

      # On the initial load, Satchels will auto generate a secure key. You are free to change this to whatever you would like. (Just make sure to change it before you start using/creating any backpacks)
      key: SECRET_KEY
    Planned Features
    • In game backpack creation
    • Multi-paged backpacks
    • More customizability of backpack items. E.g., enchantments, armor color
    Requesting Features
    Would you like a feature added? Post an issue on the Github repository.
    Github GitHub-Mark-32px.png
    Do you want to contribute? Fix a bug? Or just treat yourself to a quick peek through the source? Head on over to the Github Repository.

    Found a bug?

    If you think you have found a bug, please submit an issue to the Github Repository here.

    Satchels uses MCStats to gather anonymous statistics.

Recent Reviews

  1. Anomaly
    Version: 0.1.0
    This plugin would be good if it were still active and didn't have dupe bugs. The clear cache feature allows players to time when to dupe items. Too buggy and no active dev = delete this.
  2. eai04191
    Version: 0.1.0
    Pros: A free customizable backpack plugin.
    Cons: Buggy. It causes a bug that prevents the same item (or block) from stacking.
  3. IndianaBonez
    Version: 0.1.0
    Great plugin! Been looking ages for a plugin that allows custom items and lores for backpacks. Thank you!