SavageDeathChest Version 1.16.0

Stores player inventory in a chest on death for later retrieval.

  1. timsavage
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    Languages Supported:
    Spanish, French, Dutch
    Note: A 1.15.x compatible version can be downloaded from github.


    This plugin stores a player's inventory in a chest on death for later retrieval. It has many options, but configuration and use has been kept as simple as possible.

    • Places a single or double chest at player's death location containing the player's inventory
    • Optional sign placement on chest, showing player name and death date
    • Configurable list of block types that chests can replace
    • WorldGuard, GriefPrevention, PreciousStones and Towny aware, will not place a chest where the player does not have access. Enabled individually.
    • Option to check protection plugins on chest access. Enabled individually, disabled by default.
    • Searches a configurable distance from death location to find a suitable chest location
    • Optionally require players to have chest(s) in inventory
    • Empty chests removed on close
    • Chest protection allows only owners access. Also makes chests explosion proof!
    • Optionally allow player's killer to access their chest, for pvp looting
    • Prevent concurrent access to chests when killer looting is enabled
    • Optional quick-loot feature allows one click (sneak-punch) chest looting
    • Configurable expiration time for death chests, at which point they will break and drop their contents
    • Custom messages and language localization
    • Per world enabled in configuration
    • Uses sqlite for persistent storage
    • Optionally prevent creative mode players from opening death chests
    • Optionally prevent players from placing items in death chests
    • Optional sound effects!
    • A perfect compliment to SavageDeathCompass and SavageGraveyards
    /deathchest list [player]
    Lists deathchests and their locations. Requires deathchest.list permission for viewing own deathchests; deathchest.list.other for viewing other players deathchests. Substitute an asterisk (*) to list all deathchests.

    /deathchest reload

    Reloads configuration file and messages. Requires deathchest.reload permission.

    /deathchest status
    Displays version info and config settings. Requires deathchest.status permission.

    Default User Permissions:
    Default player permissions. Default: true. Includes all of the following player permissions:

    Enable death chests for player. Default: true.

    Allows player to quick-loot death chests by sneak-punching. Default: true.

    Allows placement of double chests if necessary. Default: true.

    Default Administrator Permissions:
    Default administrator permissions. Default: op. Includes all of the following admin permissions:

    Overrides require-chest configuration setting. Default: op.

    Overrides creative mode chest opening restriction. Default: op.

    Allow player to loot other player's chests. Default: op.

    Allows use of plugin reload command. Default: op.


    Allows use of plugin status command. Default: op.

    Allows use of list command command. Default: op.

    Allows use of list command for other player's deathchests. Default: op.

    Put the jar in your plugins folder and restart your server. Edit the generated configuration file to include the worlds in which you would like death chests enabled, and adjust any other settings, then reload with /deathchest reload command.

    All configuration changes can be made without needing to restart your server. Just issue the reload command when you are satisfied with your settings in config.yml.

    Source code for this plugin is hosted on github and distributed under the GPLv3 license.
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Recent Reviews

  1. achandyman
    Version: 1.16.0
    Excellent plugin, it works great on my survival server. Couldn't recommend it enough.
  2. TheJulen1999
    Version: 1.13.3
    Good plugin but I have one problem on 1.14. If my inventory has more items than chest slots the chest doesn't work.
  3. MercDawg
    Version: 1.13.3
    I have a small server, with 5 players. We ran into several instances of the death chest failing to create. Creeper explosion - No death chest. Underwater exploration - No death chest. Ended up uninstalling and downloading an alternative, as I would like to have a death chest plugin that is reliable.
  4. comonier
    Version: 1.13.3
    Love this plugin, any chance for a 1.14 update? Right now if we use this as is it causes inventories to duplicate
  5. Shiodooru
    Version: 1.13.3
    Love this plugin, any chance for a 1.14 update? Right now if we use this as is it causes inventories to duplicate
  6. MuSc1
    Version: 1.13.2
    Very good and simple Plugin! Very useful especially for RPG Servers. I would like to help with a german language file. I also have a suggestion: It should be possible to edit the death sign on a chest :)

    Keep up the good work!
    1. timsavage
      Author's Response
      Thanks! The sign text can be edited in the language files. If you have a complete translation, send me the yaml file and I will include it in future versions.
  7. WjunniorW
    Version: 1.13.1-beta1
    It works!!
    Thanks you too much :3
  8. comonier
    Version: 1.7.0-beta4
    What about this plugin? Simply fantastic and works perfectly in 1.13.2. Thank you for having had the patience to make such an amazing plugin.
  9. Luissuarez
    Version: 1.7.0-beta4
    great plugin works great on 1.12.2, hope it works on 1.13.1 also
  10. Nightshade73
    Version: 1.7.0-beta4
    I have a very intensive server with all my plugins, I swapped out NPC bodies for not only server performance but simplicity to the new players and... I am by far impressed with this plugin.
    It works perfectly, Will help reduce lag, and helps the players organize their gear on retrieval.