SavageDeathChest 1.13.3

Stores player inventory in a chest on death for later retrieval.

  1. Version 1.13.3 Released

    A new version (v.1.13.3) has been released. This is a maintenance release with no new features.
    • Fixed an issue where chests could not be opened by clicking on chest if placed in location protected by other plugin
    • Changed config settings for protection plugin override settings to make intent less ambiguous
    This version fixes a bug that prevented opening chests by right-clicking the chest itself when placed in a location that was protected by another plugin.

    The protection plugin override settings have also been changed to remove ambiguity.

    (Changed check-on-place to ignore-on-place and check-on-access to ignore-on-access). Note that this reverses the logic, so previously false settings should now be true and vice versa. I believe this makes the settings intent less confusing.

    Changes have been made to the config.yml file. Please backup and remove to allow plugin to install the new version of this file, then reapply settings.
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