SavageDeathChest 1.13.1

Stores player inventory in a chest on death for later retrieval.

  1. Version 1.13.1 Released

    A new version (v1.13.1) has been uploaded. This version has been promoted from beta to release version.

    The plugin will now consider the world spawn protection radius when placing a death chest, and a message added for circumstances where the spawn protection ultimately prevents a chest from being placed.

    Additionally, a placeholder for 'less than one' has been added to the language files.

    Please backup and remove the language files to allow new versions with these additions to be...
  2. Version 1.13.1-beta2 Released

    This is a quick bug fix release. There was a bug that prevented the list command permission from working properly. This has been fixed, and a new help command has been added.
  3. New (beta) version

    A new version (1.13.1-beta1) has been uploaded. This version brings many bug fixes, and the often requested list command. Note that the permission node for this command (deathchest.list) is not enabled by default, and needs to be explicitly set for users to be able to list their death chest locations. Administrators can also list other players chest locations by adding a username after the command, or list all players death chests by typing an asterisk (*) after the command. Anyone with the...
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  4. Version 1.13.0-beta1 Released

    A new version (1.13.0-beta1) of SavageDeathChest has been published. Support for Factions and PreciousStones has been disabled until a 1.13 compatible version of these plugins is released.

    All configuration files, language files and the database schema have changed. If you are upgrading from a previous version, it is recommended that you rename or delete the plugin data folder, and allow all new files to be installed.
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  5. Corrected beta4 version

    New beta4 version with embedded libraries.
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  6. New version (1.7.0-beta4)

    Many bug fixes since last version posted here. Beta 4 adds feature that prevents placing a chest adjacent to an existing DeathChest, thereby circumventing looting protection.

    See page for complete details/changelog.

    If upgrading, remember to backup/remove config.yml and messages.yml files to allow plugin to install new versions, then reapply changes.
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  7. Bug fix

    Fixed a fatal exception caused by other plugins that use a fake chest inventory as a custom gui.
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  8. Version 1.4.1

    A couple of minor bug fixes, and a missing config option in the previous release. Backup and remove the config.yml file so the plugin will generate a new one, or add the following lines to the configuration file manually:

    # prevent placing items in death chests
    prevent-item-placement: true

    This option makes death chests take only, refusing to allow players to place items in them.
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