SavageFactions - FactionsUUID Reimagined - 1.7-1.12 1.4-BETA-2

A new era of Competitive Factions.

  1. ProSavage
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Source Code:
    Drtshock, UltimateGames ( Config )


    New Role
    (/f coleader)

    » Faction Co-Leaders «
    A Role between Moderator and Leader, has all permissions except disband.

    New Relation
    (/f truce)
    » Faction Truce «
    A new relation so factions do not have to ally people for temporary truces.

    Faction Upgrades
    (/f upgrades)

    « Crop Upgrades »

    Crops have a chance to grow two stages instead of one in your claims.
    « Spawner Upgrades »
    Spawners have a higher chance to spawn extra mob in your claims.
    « EXP Upgrades »
    Mobs drop a higher amount of exp in your claims.
    « Fully Customizable GUI »
    Control every aspect of the GUI from item names to layout

    Better Faction Map
    (/f map)

    « Click to Claim »
    Simply click a point on the map to claim it.
    « Larger Map »
    Larger Map size with controllable height.
    « Optimized Tooltips »
    One line map tooltips to optimize performance in claimed land
    « World-Border Detection »
    Worldborder cannot be claimed as is represented as a black claim on map

    Faction Permissions
    (/f perms)

    « Relations & Roles »
    Control permissions for relations and faction roles
    « Extensive Options »
    Control just about every feature from fly to building
    « Fully Customizable GUI »
    Control every aspect of the GUI from item names to layout

    Faction Remote Vaults
    (/f vault, /f getvault)

    « Remote Access »
    Once placed, the faction can remotely access it using /f vault
    « Built in Shop »
    Faction Vaults can be acquired using the /f getvault command for a configurable price.
    « Balanced »
    If another faction claims at location of the vault, or the vault is broken, remote access will be disabled. Therefore making vaults raidable unlike conventional player vaults

    Faction Tnt Bank
    (/f tnt add/take <amount>)

    « Virtual Storage »
    A virtual TNT bank where the factions members can deposit tnt into their faction.
    « Tnt Cap »
    Configurable Maximum Storage in the config.

    Faction Near
    (/f near)

    « Locate Members »
    Show nearby faction members easily
    « Locate Members »
    Distance in meters shown for each member

    Faction Checkpoints

    (/f checkpoint [set])
    « Quick Raid Point »
    Designed to function as a easy warp to set at warps, can be set in wilderness & the player's claim.

    Faction Fly
    (/f fly)
    « Relational Fly »
    Fly in your own faction land, and in other factions' land if set in the other faction's permissions.
    « Bypass Permissions »
    Ability to bypass faction permission checks with bypass permissions
    « Particles »
    Toggleable Cloud like particles under the player when flying
    « Autofly »
    Fly is automatically turned on when entering land where the player has sufficient permission to fly in.
    « Combat Tag »
    Fly is automatically disabled when entering combat

    Faction Rules
    (/f rules)
    « Personalized Rules »
    Each faction can create their own rules if they wish to.
    « Easy to use Editor »
    Edit the faction rules with a few simple commands

    Faction SeeChunk
    « Particle Based »
    Particles are shown at each corner of the chunk.
    « Toggleable »
    Can be toggled, instead of the timed on in FactionsUUID

    Faction Warbanners
    (/f banner, /f getbanner)
    « Exciting Warzone »
    They can be placed in warzones to get powerful effects towards your faction to turn the tide of battle.
    « Rally Point »
    Faction members can directly teleport to the placed warbanner.
    « Built in Shop »
    Faction Warbannerss can be acquired using the /f banner command for a configurable price.

    Faction Inspect
    (/f inspect)
    « Find Insiders »
    Faction members can enable this mode, and see who placed blocks and when making catching insiders easy.
    « Combat Disable »
    Factions Inspect will automatically disable if taking damage or dealing damage to anothe player

    Faction ShowClaims
    (/f showclaims)
    « Sorted »
    Sorted per world, easy to read.

    Faction Coords
    (/f coords)
    « Convenience »
    Save your players the trouble of typing out their coordinates

    Faction Lowpower
    (/f lowpower)
    « Utility »
    Easily find players with lower power in your faction!

    Faction Tntfill

    (/f tntfill <radius> <amount>)
    « Tntbank »

    Hooks into tntbank to get tnt if you are moderator or higher



    « Switching from FactionsUUID or Old SavageFactions »
    1. Stop your server.
    2. Delete conf.json, config.yml, and lang.yml in the Factions folder
    3. (OPTIMAL) If you do not mind resetting delete your whole factions folder. ( This is to prevent tiny bugs down the line)
    3. Replace your old Factions jar with the one provided.
    4. Download Coreprotect if you want to use /f inspect ( Make sure to get the one for your spigot version ), for example 1.8 users will get Coreprotect 2.12.0
    4. Start your server
    5. Give a nice rating!

    « Fresh Install »
    1. Stop your server.
    2. Put the provided factions.jar in your plugins folder
    3. Download Coreprotect if you want to use /f inspect ( Make sure to get the one for your spigot version ), for example 1.8 users will get Coreprotect 2.12.0

    4. Start your server
    5. Give a nice rating!
    Quick Reference Guide
    « Permission List »
    « Source Code »

    « Forked From »

    If you would like FactionsUUID without quote "performance issues"
    Download it here:
    Link courtesy of @drtshock



    1. f-upgrades-new.png
    2. f-perms.png
    3. f-vault.png
    4. f-tnt.png
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  1. Bug Fixes :D
  2. Faction Chest + Bug Fixes!
  3. Full 1.7 Support Added

Recent Reviews

  1. JammTheGoat
    Version: 1.4-BETA-2
    This plugin will ruin your server if you aren't prepared to get a developer to fix all the issues for you. I made the mistake of switching to this from Massive Factions without extensive testing.. It has loads of permission issues and other things fundamental to the factions experience that do not even work properly and will leave your players pissed off. With all due respect to ProSavage, do not use this plugin until these guys get their act together.
  2. TheRealMiko
    Version: 1.4-BETA-2
    awesome plugin lot of new features just would be nice to add warzone and safezone editable in game flags and if you could also add to disable faction permissions shown in the console that would be great because i think it making the server to get drop tps
    1. ProSavage
      Author's Response
      Can you make a issue on github for both of these things?
  3. KoKoBerry
    Version: 1.4-BETA-2
    This plugin has literally killed my server. The support is horrible. You submit a discord ticket and instead of talking to just savage (which when you do talk to him its fantastic and the problem is fixed with no hesitation) you get some dumb child insulting you and telling you how to run a server. Savage man, get rid of your little helpers out your discord. I would rather have a ticket sit and wait longer without an answer rather than dealing with some kid wasting my time.

    This plugin is filled with bugs. It doesn't even save data properly. The amount of times the server restarted and it wiped DAYS worth of data is unreal. Half the features don't work correctly, it is impossible to report things outside of discord.

    I am still so excited for this plugin, but I won't be coming back to the discord to report issues. Since the githubs never get checked and the discussion on spigot isnt checked enough, I guess I will never get my issues addressed.
    1. ProSavage
      Author's Response
      dude im like in the middle of moving between two houses and starting at university soon, also im a full time java dev at a company for the sumer so Im just really busy, feel free to dm me about your issues and I can help you out. If you wanna remove the review that would be nice :)
  4. gb_factory
    Version: 1.4-BETA-2
    Amazing factions plugin with a lot of new features and very good discord support.
  5. MothMuse
    Version: 1.4-BETA-2
    This is the coolest Factions plugin. its a real shame its not the first one in the search when you type in "Factions" and it very well should be! This is the best one!
  6. noobprolol
    Version: 1.4-BETA-2
    1. ProSavage
      Author's Response
      go away alexi
  7. BroGoDx
    Version: 1.4-BETA-2
    pls add placeholderapi support to fix my scoreboard in my server <3333333333333333333333
  8. Blooby
    Version: 1.4-BETA-2
    Amazing plugin.. Absolutely love it! I only have one issue, how would I make it to where you can mine spawners in a factions territory?
  9. QuestUniverse
    Version: 1.4-BETA-2
    An extremely buggy plugin, so many things are broken, I can't list all of them
    - Blazes randomly take damage coming out of spawner
    - /f home and warp cool-downs are broken
    - Warps do not a charge a fee when set in configuration
    - Scoreboard is uncontrollable and often disappears
    - Power-boost and Permanent power have no effect
    - Mobs in factions territory appear to have no difference in spawning rate even when the upgrades are maxed out.
    - You cannot claim more than one chunk of land without having 10 power, no configuration fixes this
    - Reload breaks things sometimes
    - And a lot more

    We realize this is not the place to put bug reports, however they were so numerous, we felt anyone considering getting this plugin should be warned of the potential side effects.
    1. ProSavage
      Author's Response
      We ran multiple tests and they reported features work fine. This is an issue on your part. Please make a discord ticket.
  10. OfficialGamingz
    Version: 1.4-BETA-2
    Amazing plugin, Very good discord support. Couldn't ask for a better factions fork. Keep up the good work!!