SavageFactions - FactionsUUID Reimagined - 1.7-1.12 1.4-BETA-2

A new era of Competitive Factions.

  1. ProSavage
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Source Code:
    Drtshock, UltimateGames ( Config )


    New Role
    (/f coleader)

    » Faction Co-Leaders «
    A Role between Moderator and Leader, has all permissions except disband.

    New Relation
    (/f truce)
    » Faction Truce «
    A new relation so factions do not have to ally people for temporary truces.

    Faction Upgrades
    (/f upgrades)

    « Crop Upgrades »

    Crops have a chance to grow two stages instead of one in your claims.
    « Spawner Upgrades »
    Spawners have a higher chance to spawn extra mob in your claims.
    « EXP Upgrades »
    Mobs drop a higher amount of exp in your claims.
    « Fully Customizable GUI »
    Control every aspect of the GUI from item names to layout

    Better Faction Map
    (/f map)

    « Click to Claim »
    Simply click a point on the map to claim it.
    « Larger Map »
    Larger Map size with controllable height.
    « Optimized Tooltips »
    One line map tooltips to optimize performance in claimed land
    « World-Border Detection »
    Worldborder cannot be claimed as is represented as a black claim on map

    Faction Permissions
    (/f perms)

    « Relations & Roles »
    Control permissions for relations and faction roles
    « Extensive Options »
    Control just about every feature from fly to building
    « Fully Customizable GUI »
    Control every aspect of the GUI from item names to layout

    Faction Remote Vaults
    (/f vault, /f getvault)

    « Remote Access »
    Once placed, the faction can remotely access it using /f vault
    « Built in Shop »
    Faction Vaults can be acquired using the /f getvault command for a configurable price.
    « Balanced »
    If another faction claims at location of the vault, or the vault is broken, remote access will be disabled. Therefore making vaults raidable unlike conventional player vaults

    Faction Tnt Bank
    (/f tnt add/take <amount>)

    « Virtual Storage »
    A virtual TNT bank where the factions members can deposit tnt into their faction.
    « Tnt Cap »
    Configurable Maximum Storage in the config.

    Faction Near
    (/f near)

    « Locate Members »
    Show nearby faction members easily
    « Locate Members »
    Distance in meters shown for each member

    Faction Checkpoints

    (/f checkpoint [set])
    « Quick Raid Point »
    Designed to function as a easy warp to set at warps, can be set in wilderness & the player's claim.

    Faction Fly
    (/f fly)
    « Relational Fly »
    Fly in your own faction land, and in other factions' land if set in the other faction's permissions.
    « Bypass Permissions »
    Ability to bypass faction permission checks with bypass permissions
    « Particles »
    Toggleable Cloud like particles under the player when flying
    « Autofly »
    Fly is automatically turned on when entering land where the player has sufficient permission to fly in.
    « Combat Tag »
    Fly is automatically disabled when entering combat

    Faction Rules
    (/f rules)
    « Personalized Rules »
    Each faction can create their own rules if they wish to.
    « Easy to use Editor »
    Edit the faction rules with a few simple commands

    Faction SeeChunk
    « Particle Based »
    Particles are shown at each corner of the chunk.
    « Toggleable »
    Can be toggled, instead of the timed on in FactionsUUID

    Faction Warbanners
    (/f banner, /f getbanner)
    « Exciting Warzone »
    They can be placed in warzones to get powerful effects towards your faction to turn the tide of battle.
    « Rally Point »
    Faction members can directly teleport to the placed warbanner.
    « Built in Shop »
    Faction Warbannerss can be acquired using the /f banner command for a configurable price.

    Faction Inspect
    (/f inspect)
    « Find Insiders »
    Faction members can enable this mode, and see who placed blocks and when making catching insiders easy.
    « Combat Disable »
    Factions Inspect will automatically disable if taking damage or dealing damage to anothe player

    Faction ShowClaims
    (/f showclaims)
    « Sorted »
    Sorted per world, easy to read.

    Faction Coords
    (/f coords)
    « Convenience »
    Save your players the trouble of typing out their coordinates

    Faction Lowpower
    (/f lowpower)
    « Utility »
    Easily find players with lower power in your faction!

    Faction Tntfill

    (/f tntfill <radius> <amount>)
    « Tntbank »

    Hooks into tntbank to get tnt if you are moderator or higher



    « Switching from FactionsUUID or Old SavageFactions »
    1. Stop your server.
    2. Delete conf.json, config.yml, and lang.yml in the Factions folder
    3. (OPTIMAL) If you do not mind resetting delete your whole factions folder. ( This is to prevent tiny bugs down the line)
    3. Replace your old Factions jar with the one provided.
    4. Download Coreprotect if you want to use /f inspect ( Make sure to get the one for your spigot version ), for example 1.8 users will get Coreprotect 2.12.0
    4. Start your server
    5. Give a nice rating!

    « Fresh Install »
    1. Stop your server.
    2. Put the provided factions.jar in your plugins folder
    3. Download Coreprotect if you want to use /f inspect ( Make sure to get the one for your spigot version ), for example 1.8 users will get Coreprotect 2.12.0

    4. Start your server
    5. Give a nice rating!
    Quick Reference Guide
    « Permission List »
    « Source Code »

    « Forked From »

    If you would like FactionsUUID without quote "performance issues"
    Download it here:
    Link courtesy of @drtshock



    1. f-upgrades-new.png
    2. f-perms.png
    3. f-vault.png
    4. f-tnt.png

Recent Updates

  1. Bug Fixes :D
  2. Faction Chest + Bug Fixes!
  3. Full 1.7 Support Added

Recent Reviews

  1. OfficialGamingz
    Version: 1.4-BETA-2
    Amazing plugin, Very good discord support. Couldn't ask for a better factions fork. Keep up the good work!!
  2. taylorfin16
    Version: 1.4-BETA-1
    Amazing plugin, excellent fork of factionsuuid, better than any other factions plugin by a long way with the GUIs, clickable claim map, scoreboard and custom locale!

  3. rlzbetagaming
    Version: 1.4-BETA-1
    I love it. ONLY 1 PROBLEM i wish i could add more levels to the upgrades, exp, spawns, and etc..... It saddens me that it is capped at level 3
  4. Winglove
    Version: 1.4-BETA-1
    Best factions plugin I have even come close to seeing. Factionsuuid, has no where near the features as this plugin. If you are starting a modern factions server with all the new things being added by many other servers I would highly suggest you using this. Amazing plugin!
    1. ProSavage
      Author's Response
      thanks bud
  5. asenthd
    Version: 1.4-BETA-1
    I've begun using this fork on my server. Must admit I love it. Comes with a built-in featherboard and so many other useful features. Would recommend this plugin for any and every factions server that wants to be successful! I L O V E I T
    1. ProSavage
  6. BrutalFist
    Version: 1.3-STABLE
    1. ProSavage
  7. GlobalGamer2003
    Version: 1.3-STABLE
    User plugin is awesome, best for every kind of faction server whether it's a noob owner or a really OG Server owner.
    1. ProSavage
      Author's Response
      thanks duuuud
  8. ACrispyCookie
    Version: 1.2-STABLE
    1. ProSavage
      Author's Response
      thanks buddy! Hope you love it
  9. PyraFox
    Version: 1.2-STABLE
    I wish the plugin included a /f top and ally/truce and truce chat, but apart from that it's absolutely perfect!
    1. ProSavage
      Author's Response
      I eventually get around to things, just keep spamming me on discord xD
  10. Zalbus
    Version: 1.2-STABLE

    This plugin is amazing, features are good and is very easy to config and use. I do suggest getting this plugin. Support is good most of the time but can lack rarely. However most of the time support is good.

    9/10 (Get this plugin)