SavageFactions - FactionsUUID Reimagined - 1.7-1.12 1.4-BETA-2

A new era of Competitive Factions.

  1. Bug Fixes :D

    Hey Guys,

    I had actually fixed these bugs LONG ago, just been to busy too post on spigot.

  2. Faction Chest + Bug Fixes!

    The faction chest is an alternative to /f vault, it does not requre a chest to be placed unlike /f vault!

    No Enderpearls in fly fixed - The option was bugged, so if it was true it would do the opposite.
    Improved /f map visuals and title!
    Title fadeout time, showtime, and fadeintime options added for 1.9+ servers
    Fixed Bug in /f upgrades where the slots option for exp would move the spawner instead.
    Added Faction chest, an upgradable shared "enderchest" for factions to share!
    Added some more...
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  3. Full 1.7 Support Added

    Hey guys,

    So 1.7 Support was requested for a while now, here it is.

    1.7 Support Added
    - Titles disabled in 1.7
    - Banners disabled in 1.7
    - Itemflags disabled in 1.7 for /f warp, /f perms, and /f upgrades

    /f perms GUI has been redesigned ( Reset your config.yml or Change it from the config differences )

    Reset conf.json for the following.
    Default color for members set to light green ( &a )
    Default color for wilderness set...
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  4. Added some requests by people

    hey guys,

    I had racked up a couple of requests for small edits, so here they are

    /f tntfill wont spam chat anymore,
    I changed the tntfill_success option, so you're gonna wanna delete that to rengerate it. If you havent edited the lang.yml just delete it and restart .
    Tntfill left a ghost tnt item in inventory giving the illusion of a dupe glitch, I mae the ghost item go away.
    /f stuck wont tp players outside the border anymore.
    Nametags & Tab has placeholderapi support added
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  5. More Commands Woo!

    Hey guys,

    I added some commands people asked for, if you requested some and they didnt get added, please remind me and Ill try to accomdate you!


    /f coords - displays your coords and current world to your faction
    /f showclaims - Lists all your claims in every world
    /f lowpower - lists players with power under max
    /f tntfill <radius> <amount> - fills tnt in a radius and amount, hooks into /f tntbank if you're a mod or higher.

    Some of these commands require...

    Hey guys,

    So I have added a TON of stuff, and I think the plugin is now ready for production servers! Feel free to test and go to my discord and make a ticket if any bugs are found. I you are switching from an old version make sure to reset lang.yml, conf.json, and config.yml


    Ability to remove items from main menu in perms for choosing roles/relations by setting the slot to -1
    Changed placeholder identifier back because hooks in many plugins broke.
    Removed debug message from...
  7. Lots of Bug Fixes + Revamped Map

    Hey guys I did a TON of stuff,
    Tweaked fly disabler, hitting mobs wont disable it.
    Fly bypass permisssions logic redone
    issues with safezone fly and warzone fly fixed
    Fixed click to claim in f map
    Changed tooltips ot one line in map because of heavy load in areas with lots of claims
    option to disable banners
    Kicking throwing error cause of typo in lang file.
    Tnt Bank limit added.
    Fixed tnt message
    New message for fly disable to show cooldown
    Started on remaking lang file
    fly will not disable...
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  8. Fly particles & fly bug

    I fixed fly particles and the fly bug that was throwing errors :)
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  9. Bug Fixes :)

    fixed this error (
    fixed damage bug (
    fixed ( (( I think I did, I could not replicate it ))
    Added methods to check if players can fly in claim types e.g.
    "if (fplayer.canflyinsafezone()){
    //do stuff
    Autofly now enables if you have bypass permissions.
    Fixed faction members, truces, and allies being able to hit each other and disable fly
    Fixed Autofly's enable message...
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  10. More bug fixes, f vault & banner tweaks. Better f seechunk

    Hey guys,

    I made a much better seechunk system.

    You can completely customize the particles
    It now toggles, and changes when you move between chunks!

    Other stuff I did

    • Fixed Checkpoint cooldown
    • Made it so you have to buy vaults from /f getvault, and buy banners from /f banner
    • Particle support for 1.7-1.12
    • Made fly particles mode subtle

    From now on I will be posting changes I made to the config every...